Backless Chaps

Ok, it all started when the fugly principal measured Tammy’s mini

dress—I saw him put the ruler next to her thigh and he took way

too long down there, he’s such a pervert. Anyway, her dress was

way short so she was sent home to change “Into something more

proper” the nasty principal said.

So she was like, “whatever” and turned from him with a whip of

hair that sprung out real emotionally like a F-you.

Later that day she entered the school like a true diva, make up

upped with glitter in her eyebrows, and when she busted into the

bustling lunch room with assless chaps on everyone took notice.

To credit her class I must add that she had on tan spandex

underneath. The hooting and hollering attracted all of the teachers

within an earshot and before the good time could officially kick off

Tammy was back in the principals office getting reamed.

After Thanksgiving break every girl, and a few fruity guys, rocked

assless chaps. The seedy porn shop was unusually busy on

Black Friday.

The End

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