Background, Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma:

Fiction based upon actual events. Core issue/concern classified, non-accountable leaders...

Core theme for Curtis (alter ego of author of "Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma") was assigned to "The Crypto Room."  This example is used to introduce the reader to what actually happened. Although "Fiction," It is based upon actual events. It was adjacent to the command Center of a Remote Control Center (RCC) for nuclear tipped missiles which were part of Strategic Air Command (SAC). I (Curtis) wanted to use an example of notwithstanding the given extremes of government security, there are "loop holes." I have been involved in penetration team assaults that experienced  high rates of success breeching security and obtaining goal. Security is for the most part an integration of human thinking, procedures and patterns. They are the weak link. I have been on the "receiving" end of attempted security breaches too. "Clearance" is a widely used term based upon "The Need to Know Basis." It is the core philosophy of security. It compartmentalizes, diminishes risk of security breaches and etc.  The incident I referred to was in a Top Secret - Crypto nuclear capability area. Someone with a Top Secret Security Clearance could not go into THAT area. They had to have a "Need-to-Know" basis. They had to have a Top Secret - Crypto Clearance with a Special "Human Reliability" Clearance. Top Secret Security Clearances are very specific. I had a Top Secret-Crypto Security Clearance with a highly selected Special "Human Reliability" Clearance which granted me access to activities connected with the Need to Know of performing Crypto related activities with nuclear arms/missiles. The problem is, who knows what you are doing? No one can ask, or monitor your activities. You have limited accountability. No accountability outside your span of activities. The generals I worked with had their "Need to Know basis" of access. Most of the time the areas did not overlap. The command Center personnel were prohibited from the area - no matter who they were. An example: An Air Force General had heard we were sleeping in the adjacent Crypto Room. He open the door to check. He found a Crypto guy sleeping. He filed a disciplinary report. HE (the general) was reprimanded. The fact the Crypto guy was sleeping was not a big deal. The General being in the wrong area was... He was lucky he was not shot. Security is a deadly process. There was elaborate procedures to gain access to this specific area (You could not knock on the door and the door open !). He breached them.

Daemon presents more danger because he has more resources and greater span of control. Curtis used his security clearance to gain access to classified DNA genetic research. The security clearance background checks are very expensive and time consuming. Most people would not qualify/pass for this type of clearance. Given each clearance is specific, it is much easier and cheaper to hire/use people that has a very restrictive security  (Top Secret) clearance. Security clearances also provide credibility to one's character, reliability, and acceptance into the "Good 'ol Boy Network." Given your Top Secret Security Credential, it is cheaper and easier to obtain a specific security clearance for the new guy

A personal side note: It took me a long time to get in touch with my emotions (after the Armed Services experiences). I was the only non-career Airman in the unit (Joint Chiefs of Staff - Far East) - Viet Nam era. The brain washing is subtle, yet very effective. You are selected because of given needed psychological profile. Then they build, test, improve upon the given profile to produce an emotionless, smart, follow orders exactly, goal oriented soldier. One who does not question, but executes their orders. One who never communicates to unauthorized individuals. One who can saw their arm off, or die with no emotions: stoic. Years later, my hands still get moist if you ask too many questions about my activities... I would never join a "Veterans of Foreign War," or similar veteran group. I live in the present. That area of activities is compartmentalized. Writing this book is a bridge to what was to what is... and m terms of his span of control is y concern over abuses to our security philosophy and the growing danger to our society, as we know it...


The End

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