Backchat (By the HeartBreakers)

I sometimes wonder what it may of been like if I didn't befriend Chantal.

I'm Rhiannon by the way. And only a few months ago, I was a happy, cheerful 11-year-old girl with quite a large group of friends. This group included:

  • Becky (Whom I had met a few years before, but not known much)
  • Dawn (The wise, yet one who tells the truth. I'd known her since I was two.)
  • Abigal (Becky's best mate in Primary school, but they've both moved on now - but have stayed friends)
  • Bailey (One of Abi's closest friends, knows loads about B.O.Y's!)
  • Taylor (Some may say she's quite shy, but boy does she have a loud side!)
  • Layla (Half way through the term, this clever one changed her image completly!)
  • Carol and Carly (Two girls I'd known from my Primary school, but I've never really bonded with them)
  • Lola (The one with the freaky laugh!)

And last but not least, Gabriella and Sacha. They were the lucky ones. Everything turned out just fine for them. The got what they wanted. They were happy.

But the question that many people ask is - why were they happy?

Well, they were happy as they got Chantal. My Chantal. And none of them seemed to care....

The End

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