Part 3?


It’s already the first week of the July. This means I’d be coming home early August. I have to admit, I’d be sad to leave this place but I was more happy to be coming back home. I’d see my friends and this all would be a dream.

 “Hey! Are you coming?” Rose asks as she enters my room.


Rose sighs exasperated. “My birthday! Didn’t I tell you it would be on the twenty-first? We’ll have a party and a minifiesta! You promise you’ll be there? No matter what happens, right. ”

From my experience, a fiesta was a town celebration. Rose says it’s fun because she has one every time it’s her birthday and I’m looking forward to it.”I promise. I’ll be there no matter what and I do remember. How could I forget?” I ask her teasingly when in fact I did forget.

Rose studies me. “You want to go home already don’t you?” I nod and she frowns.

“Don’t you like it here?” She asks

 “No, of course I like it here but I can’t wait to go back to my friends.” Apparently she doesn’t like that answer.

 “So, me and Brian aren’t your friends? I bet you wouldn’t miss us at all.” I could see tears threatening to come down her cheeks and she leaves the room with a slam.

 “What did you say to make Rose upset?” He asks me when it was dinner time.

 “I just wanted to go home that’s all.”

 “Well, you better go say sorry or she might not want you in her party and I have to admit it is a very awesome party. You’d be sorry if you miss it before going back to New York.” He says with a smirk.

I walk over to Rose and apologize and she accepts it gracefully. Now, I only have to wait till July twenty-one then I’ll be back home.

 “Good morning Rose, happy birthday!” I greet her when she comes down for breakfast. Grandma made it special with pancakes and all her favorite food. She smiles and sits down to eat.  It’s evening and everything is set for Rose’s party, every one of our relatives is here. Her friends couldn’t make it because they didn’t have a ticket to get here.

As soon as I’m in my party dress, I get a call. “Hello?” I say in the speaker.

I could hear someone’s ragged breath in the end of the other line. “Kaylie! You have to come home now! You’re mother…accident…..hurt…..hurry!” Father says and hangs up; I am left in a daze.

My mom was in an accident! I have to come home! I turned around and see Rose looking at me.

“You have to go. Your mother needs you.”

“But what about you? I can’t leave you on your birthday.” She forced a smile.

“I can handle--” She ran away and I was left there crying for my mother who is now hurt.

I have to decide now. Would I stay with Rose for her birthday of go home and see my mother. I’ve never broken a promise before. This is different though, because I know if I break my promise, Rose would be crushed. I’ve never had cousins in America. Mother and father never told me about them.

And now, with them here, am I really just going to desert them after all they did for me? I know my decision is made. I sneak a glimpse at Rose’s party where she is now smiling for her guests and ran away, with the money I’d pocketed from grandma’s wallet. She’d never notice they were gone anyway. 

The End

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