From that day on, whenever Kris and I were both left alone before a fight, we pieced together our escape plan. It was a slow process, we needed to keep our voices low so that no-one would hear us, particularly not the guards. Being called out for fights also made these meetings rather bitty and inconclusive. However, piece by piece, our plan was coming together.

We'd agreed that once we'd got out of our cells we'd make our way to a pre-established meeting point. Once there, we would make our way through the passages to the shut-off, turn off the valves to stop the water before getting into the pipes. Kris had told me that all pipes lead to the Rhume river, an enormous trash-filled, stagnant atrosicty of a river that snaked right through the centre of Alarbor. Once on the river we could either make a bolt for the darker places of the Underubs or else escape the city by boat. Both of us agreed that this would be the better course of action for we knew that once our escape was discovered we'd have each and every officer in Alarbor after us. There'd be no chance of hiding, wherever we went so our only chance for survival was to get out of the city altogether.

The only problem was, there was one crucial factor missing from our plan. In order to get to the shut-off without being caught, we'd need some sort of distraction. It would have to be big enough to draw all the guards to it but would also need to last long enough for us to make our escape through the pipes. We couldn't rely on chance or luck, it would have to be strategically organised. That was our problem, how on earth where we going to organise a distraction of this magnitude? No matter how hard we racked our brains, neither Kris nor myself had any idea what to do. The question preyed on me almost constantly, like a niggling itch that one never seems to be able to reach, no matter how hard you try.

Three days later I was sitting in the corner of my cell pondering this very same question. My last fight had ended two hours ago without much excitement and I was now slumped against the back wall staring emptily into space and listening to the small sounds of irritation coming from Vengeance on the other side of the cell. He had become increasingly agitated lately and had taken to pacing the back wall and fidgeted almost constantly. It was as if something was worrying the great creature, like he could sense something in the air. Whatever that something was, it was clearly upsetting him. I kept my distance from him, knowing how likely he was to snap at anything that got too close. Several guards had already come close to losing limbs when they came to catch him for fights and even those who passed by the cell recieved at least an angry snarl. I personally thought that all this agression was somewhat pointless, that Vengeance was clearly getting wound up over nothing. It wasn't as if there was anything that could hurt him in this place, in fact barely anything dared come close enough to so much as touch him without being forcibly dismembered.

Little did I know that in the days to come this "pointless agression" would be the only thing that stood between me and certain death.

The End

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