Ill-News in the Arena

It was only a day later, after one of Vengeance's vicious "training sessions" that they took me out to fight again. I was almost relieved to be released from the cell, for I found these sessions almost as daunting as the prospect of going into the Arena itself. Vengeance was truly terrifying, even when I knew he wouldn't do any damage. Well, not too much anyway. The sheer speed at which he moved was scary enough and his attacks were always carefully aimed and executed with such alarming strength that it was all I could do not to get shredded.

And the worst part? I hadn't even agreed to these training sessions myself. Vengeance had simply taken a swipe at me one morning and I had been forced to defend myself - mostly by running like heck to the other side of the cell and praying someone heard the commotion and stopped him before he killed me. However, I had managed to land a blow on him once or twice. Whether this was his plan or not, I had no idea. That was the puzzling thing about Vengeance, I never had any idea what he was thinking, he was utterly unreadable.

Some might have taken this as a sign that Vengeance wanted to help me improve my fighting skills before someone got the better of me. I, however, was more of the opinion that he just wanted to kill me and have done with it. From what I knew of Vengeance so far, he didn't seem like the type to try and help me for the sake of it.

When the guard came in and opened the door of the cell, pointing a large bladed axe at Vengeance to insure he didn't try anything drastic, I was out of the door before he even had to look at me. I followed him back to the room I'd been in before, and it was just as full as last time, albeit this time one man short. I shook that thought out of my head. Morrow was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

It was then that the Phoenix, Kris, emerged from a small throng on the other side of the room and walked up to me, grinning happily.

"How's things with your pet nightmare?" she asked, laughing slightly.

I laughed too, finding the reference to the utterly terrifying Vengeance particularly amusing. Especially as he'd just spent the past hour chasing me around the cell, seemingly trying to flay me alive.

"I'm okay. Not much been happening really since the last fight. And you?" I replied converastionally, trying to take my mind off the imminent battle before me.

Kris' smile disintegrated. "I'm fine. But we might not be after today. They've brought in some thugs from another District to take us on today. From what I've heard they're a nasty bunch of cut-throats and more than willing to kill us if they get the chance. I hope you've improved from last time Ryder."

I gulped, my heart plummeting into my boots. "And if I haven't?"

Kris gave me a grave look. "Then you'll die."

Exactly the same words Vengeance had said to me all those days ago. Coincidence? I think not.

The End

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