Sleepless Terror

I didn’t sleep at all that night. Neither it seemed did my horrific room-mate.

I sat there, cowering against the back wall of the cell, trying not to breathe too loudly for fear I would catch its attention. I was tired, but my fear was stronger than exhaustion at that point and I stayed awake all night. The monster too simply crouched there, evil eyes flickering around the cell, taking in everything it saw. Occasionally its gaze would reach me and it would hold my terrified gaze for a few seconds before moving on. The moments when our eyes met were the most terrifying of my life. I started wondering if it was sizing me up, perhaps testing whether I would put up a fight if it chose to attack. I spent most of the night wondering how it would kill me if it did.

Would it be quick? A rapid slash with its massive claws would easily sever my head from my shoulders. Or would it prolong my expiry? Perhaps sinking its fangs into my neck, squeezing harder and harder as I struggled to breathe, blood blocking my airway, choking me slowly as the fangs pushed deeper and deeper into my flesh. Eventually I’d give a last desperate gasp and then go limp and the demon would start feeding on its victim...

Even the thought of what horrors the monster might inflict on me made me shudder in fear.

Just when I thought my life had reached rock bottom, it seemed to be sinking further and further into this terrible pit. A pit that made Hell look like a haven.

The End

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