Chapter 14, Promises UnfulfilledMature

Chapter Fourteen

Promises Unfulfilled

November 9th 2140, Top secret training facility on the Roman I space station

10:39 A.M.

            Arden and Viktor hadn't been providing much cover to the rest of Vapor Team, but instead were focusing on providing support to the soldiers at the base of the mountain side since they didn't have any other super soldiers to support them. The soldiers between the main facility and the remainder of the alien horde fought valiantly, but the creatures were swift. Retreating away from the beasts only worked for so long before they caught up to the them and chopped them in pieces.

            Air support fired endlessly in to the mass of aliens. They thought they were safe up in the sky, until the aliens received air support reinforcements of their own.

            Every chopper pilot's eyes widened when they saw numerous blips on their vertical radar screens. They all looked up to find around fifty phoenix fighters descending to the battle. Fear struck their hearts when each fighter fired off one of their neon green torpedoes. There was no escaping the shotgun barrage above them. Over half of the choppers were struck and sent cascading through the air, some of them slamming in to each other. Most of them burst in to flames and dropped to the landscape below.

            Viktor's already damaged chopper was struck as well, sending it in to a perilous spiral toward the base of the mountain range. He balled a fist and punched out his cockpit glass above him and jumped out before he collided with the ground. He fell one hundred feet and rolled on contact with the dirt. His chopper crashed between the alien horde and the FKPD soldiers, leaving him off to the side closest to the cliff edge between the two forces.

            "Oh boy," Viktor muttered to himself.

            "Come on!" a soldier shouted and motioned him to join them and fight.

            "Negative!" Viktor shouted back. He pulled out his shotgun and pumped it. "Let me take some of the pressure off of you guys!" Several aliens glanced at him and roared. They started to rush his way.

            "Come and get me!!!" Viktor unloaded every shell of his pump action shotgun in to the creatures in less than five seconds. Eight shells, twelve kills. He turned his shotgun around and clutched the barrel, then swung it at one that got close and fractured its skull, breaking the shotgun in the process. He quickly unsheathed his short blade and dodged the whir of their swords left and right, slicing at limbs to injure and slow them down whenever he could.

            He dispatched a few with some quick stabs through the chest and retreated away from more that slashed at him. One tried to come down on his head with its blade. Viktor sliced upward, cutting off the hand of the beast before it reached him. Its sword fell out of its lifeless hand behind him. He rolled backward and picked it up as he retreated, then squeezed the hilt and the sword flashed green and the blade formed. Steel blade and neon green sword made a rapier and gauche combination.

            The feral aliens' disorganized attacks were easy to parry and counter. Block, wound, dodge, slash, roll, swipe and dodge again. The creatures just couldn't touch Viktor. However, their sheer numbers forced him to retreat. He was almost pushed off of the cliff when Arden strafed the aliens right in front of Viktor with a rocket barrage. Only five remained in front of Viktor.

            He ducked under a swing and cut the alien in half across the waist, spun around and jabbed another with his short blade. Two more tried to come down on Viktor from above, while the third rushed behind him and sliced at the back of his knees. Viktor rolled forward between the two slicing downward, turned around and stabbed one right through the back. The other elbowed his head and sent him stumbling backward three steps. The one that tried to cut his knees sprang toward him with its sword straight in front of him. Viktor readied himself to counter, but the creature was impacted in the side by a rail cannon. Its body disassembled, sending blood and bits across the grass.

            Viktor turned to see Margaret driving at full speed toward him. Connor was following closely. She slammed in to the last alien in front of Viktor, sending its broken body off of the cliff. She backed her Transport Vehicle in front of Viktor.

            "Got your back," Margaret smiled behind her visor.

            "I had it under control," Viktor remarked pridefully. He boarded the vehicle.

            "Yeah, yeah, whatever," Margaret threw the CTV in to gear. Connor suddenly power slid around their side at a dangerously high speed for being so close to the cliff side.

            "wheeeEEEEEeeee," they heard Connor as he swept by them.

            "Here come more!" their gunner called out. Another wave of the creatures was thrashing across the ground toward them.

            "Punch it!" Viktor told Margaret. The wheels of the CTV kicked up dirt behind them and they accelerated to reunite with the mass of defending FKPD troops.


            John and Brian already depleted half of their ammunition reserves. They had brought over a thousand sniper rounds in to the watch tower, now under three hundred.

            "They're dwindling, we're winning!" Brian cheered. A stray phoenix fighter fired upon their tower with its needle bullets.

            "Cover!!!" John and Brian ducked down instantly. The rest of the soldiers in the tower ducked too, but it was too late for some and they were struck down. The needle bullets impaled a small handful of soldiers through their armor with ease. Blood stained the back wall of the tower and the soldiers dropped.

            "Dang it!" John groaned.

            "We need to take those fighters out," Brian said. "If that fighter had used one of its torpedoes, we all might have been killed."

            "Those things have torpedoes!?" John moaned. "You know what, challenge accepted. Those things are too maneuverable and light armored to not have some sort of weak spot." John reloaded his sniper rifle with high velocity armor piercing ammunition and turned his aim toward the sky. The hostile fighters were buzzing around like a nest of bees, locked in combat with Arden and the rest of the FKPD attack choppers.

            He tracked one of the fighters and led his scope in front of it, then fired. The bullet struck the wing of the fighter and sent it wobbling through the air. The fighter regained control however and continued to fly normally. He tracked a different fighter and shot a second round. This time, the bullet struck the fuselage and barely fazed it. Hmm, John thought for a moment. He tracked a third fighter but analyzed its design a little harder this time. The fighter halted in midair for a moment to fire at a chopper, giving John time to land a perfect shot wherever he wanted.

            "Right there!" John exclaimed. He referred to a joint like connection between the fuselage and the wing of the fighter. He corrected his aim, then fired a third time. The bullet sailed through the air and struck the joint with overwhelming force. The bullet tore right through the metal and destroyed the connection. The fighter's wing dislodged and fell to the water below. The fighter itself was knocked in to a spin from the bullet's force. Without both of its wings, it spiraled around, flipped over and over until it finally plummeted in to the mountain side.

            "Boom buddy!" John shouted with glee. "Cloud, help me take these things out. Aim for the joint like connection between the fuselage and the wing. The rest of you keep thinning out the hostiles on the ground."

            "Yes sir!" the tower acknowledged. They continued to provide covering fire for the rest of their forces. Brian and John helped the severely crippled chopper force take out the fighters. With their help, their air support had a fighting chance, where without if they would be destroyed within a matter of under five minutes.

            Three minutes passed and the fighters dropped quicker than they could finish off the rest of the choppers. The skies were finally clear, but only Arden and three other choppers remained. Brian and John gave each other a high five. Their feeling of triumph was cut short however when an explosion burst from edge of the blast door below them. Three aliens were sent blasted in to their view and fell down to the lake. They both looked at each other curiously.

            "I'll go check it out," Brian told John as he rose from his position and rushed downstairs. When he reached the main chamber his heart sank to see several aliens clambering their way in to the facility from below the blast door.

            "Get your ass clear!" Nakahara called down to him from the second floor of the recreation sub-building. He and the rest of the training base's non-military personnel were bunkered down inside the recreation building and the barrack, firing at the creatures from the corner of the chamber. "Move it Cloud! Now! Protect the civilians at all cost!"

            The creatures were gaining ground. One of them noticed Brian and screeched at him, then sprang toward him at top speed. Brian holstered his sniper and pulled out his sidearm, unloading the entire magazine in to the creature's center mass. The being didn't stop, and tackled Brian to the floor. It roared in his face and opened its maw, preparing to envelop his entire head for the kill. He brought one hand up and clutched its neck, crushing its windpipe and cutting its roar short. With his other hand he pulled his knife out of its sheathe and stabbed the abomination's gut over and over again.

            The alien's thick orange blood spewed on to Brian's torso. He quickly shoved the alien to the side and stood back on his feet. Another was already almost on him as well, shrieking and snarling as it approached.

            "Bitch," Brian said as he threw his knife at the alien. It glided right in to the monster's throat and made it stop and grab its neck in pain. He walked the short distance between him and the alien and kicked it to the ground. "Sit down." Brian stomped clamped its chest to the ground with one foot, formed his hand in to a fist and smashed the creature's face in. "And shut up." More and more aliens continued to enter the chamber and Brian was forced to retreat.

            "Throw me an assault rifle!" Brian yelled at Nakahara. Nakahara quickly yanked an assault rifle out of a civilian's hand who was trembling in fear, not even using it.

            "Catch!" Nakahara threw it down to Brian. "One mag!" he reminded him. Brian caught it and swiveled around. He squeezed the trigger and unloaded half of the magazine in to a few aliens that were almost upon him. Most of them fell dead, the rest were stopped cold in shock. Brian rationed out the rest of the magazine to last him the quick run across the chamber to the other side so he could grab more ammo from the armory.

            He sprinted and fired a few rounds at any alien that got close enough to threaten him. A couple of civilians helped him out as well, sloppily gunning down a couple of aliens that were trying to intercept him. Brian entered the armory and swiped a few assault rifle magazines off of a table. He ejected his current magazine and reloaded another. Brian rolled out of the armory door and fired upon the numerous aliens still making their way to the back of the chamber. Dread suddenly filled his heart at what he noticed next.

            A large amount of the aliens were heading up the stairwell to the watchtower. Brian knew that in such a confined space against vicious sword wielding beasts, that even John couldn't last forever. He had to do something. The entrance to the stairwell had a thick blast door of its own that a switch right by the entrance would close and lock off the connection from the tower to the chamber. However, that would mean rushing straight in to the mass of blood thirsty aliens between him and the switch.


            "Get back down there!" Dale bellowed at an alien right above him. He grabbed its leg and pulled. The beast clawed at the cliff wall but Dale was too strong. The alien lost all of its grip and started to fall. "Batter up!" he yelled at Victoria a few feet below him. Victoria squeezed the handle of the alien sword she still possessed and held it out under the falling alien. The creature fell right over the sword and was cut cleanly in to two pieces.

            "Almost there Haze!" Dale informed Victoria.

            "Are you getting tired?" she teased him.

            "Hell no, just ready to carve these fuckers in to bite size pieces!" Dale replied.

            "Hell yeah!" Victoria agreed. They clambered up the rest of the cliff side and pulled themselves in to the main chamber. The facility was already swarming with about one hundred of the beasts. Most of them had their backs turned, unaware of the two super soldiers behind them. Rage struck their souls however when they saw a large portion of the aliens rushing up the stairwell to the watchtower.

            "Shadow, they're cornering Mist and Cloud!" Victoria stated. Dale scanned the room and saw Brian actually inside. He saw him gazing at the stairwell entrance and knew exactly what he was thinking.

            "Don't do it kid!" Dale spoke his thoughts out loud. "There's too many of them!" Dale wished with all his heart that their helmet coms were actually working so he could tell Brian to cancel his next move. Victoria looked where Dale was looking and noticed Brian as well.

            "What is he about to do?" she asked, slightly worried at Dale's remark. Brian dashed for the stairwell.

            "DAMNIT NOOOO!!!!" Dale roared. "STOP HIM! SAVE HIM!!!" He and Victoria sprinted so fast they nearly tripped over themselves.

            "Over here freaks!" Victoria tried to catch all of the aliens' attentions to lessen the amount of hostiles Brian had to worry about. Only a handful of the aliens turned around to find out who shouted. They didn't last long against their blind fury.

            Dale and Victoria flowed in between the creature's dodging swipe and slash while gunning them down with their own weapons. They never ceased their running toward the stairwell. Their guns finally clicked empty, but neither of them had time to reload. They threw them at two different aliens. Despite the guns being blunt objects, the power of their genetic augmentations made sure they crippled the beasts with bone shattering force.

            One alien turned around and shrieked at Dale, activating two of their green blades in each hand. Two weapons didn't intimidate Dale, it only meant more weapons that he could use himself. He unsheathed his two curved blades out of his shoulder sheathes and rushed to confront the alien. The monster swiped both of the blades horizontally at Dale's waist. Dale dropped to his knees and leaned back but retained his forward momentum, sliding right under the attack and stopping at the creature's feet. He raised his blades up and chopped off both of the alien's hands, rose to his feet and brought his blades inward across its neck, decapitated the creature, then threw both of his blades to two aliens at his sides, taking them out as well.

            Dale knelt down and quickly picked up the two blades the alien in front of him had lost, and activated them. Victoria used him as a step stool and jumped off of his back high in to the air. She activated the alien blade she had with one hand and wielded her pistol in the other. She fired her entire magazine in to the aliens below to weaken them, then finally came down with a vertical slice and split one of the creature's with perfect symmetry.

            Dale rushed to her side and they decimated any aliens who dared to get close to them. Dodge, slash, slash, stab, slice, dodge again, slash again. They worked together, covering each other's backs and taking out each other's targets when they had their foes immobilized.

            Finally, they had thinned out enough of the aliens to continue forward to help Brian. They sprinted as fast as they could again, barely slowing down to counter any hostiles' attacks while they made their way to the stairwell. Brian reached the blast door switch and activated it, then turned around and desperately defended himself against the alien horde around him. He was doing alright, but was getting overwhelmed.

            "Shit! Hold on Cloud!" Dale shouted at him. The blast door closed and cut off any more aliens from entering, only making it harder on Brian. Dale and Victoria were almost there. Brian continued to stave off the ravenous monsters around him.

            A stray alien that had found its way on top of the elevated landing pad in the middle of the chamber leaped in to the air toward Brian. He noticed right away and aimed his rifle high, squeezed the trigger but only heard a click. He dropped his gun and picked up an alien blade lying on the ground next to him. Brian activated it and brought it up just in time to meet blade with blade.

            Luckily, the alien sword blades didn't pass through each other, and instead emitted a blinding greenish white light from where the two met. The blades just barely melded at the point of connection as well. Brian pushed forward, preventing himself from being taken to the ground and knocking the assailant's blade away. He sliced diagonally across the creature's chest, tearing it in two and spewing its orange blood in between the two body pieces. If it wasn't for the surprise aerial attack, Brian might have been able to continue holding his own, but the attempted strike was enough to slow down his flow and rhythm.

            A neon green blade came piercing through the orange bloody mass in front of him and effortlessly slid right in to his chest, impaling him. Brian stopped where he was in shock. Not so much in shock from being stabbed from one side and out the other, but in shock that he felt nothing, no pain at all. His body ceased all sense of feeling, and he felt weightless. The world around him blurred. His chest oozing crimson red blood. He felt nothing. For a moment he looked down with a blank expression and marveled at the blade inside of him. Then he looked up at his killer. He dropped the alien blade in his hand, reached up and took off his helmet.

            Cloud!!! Brian heard the muffled echo of Dale's voice in his ears. Brian, no! Victoria's voice trailed away inside his head. Even with his helmet off, their voices sounded more muffled than if it was still on his head. The abomination's big black pupils tried to pierce in to Brian's own eyes. Brian returned with a fiery gaze that blazed its way in to the creature's soulless body. He wasn't finished just yet.

            He clutched the alien's arm, twisted it and snapped it. The creature released its grip on the blade and it deactivated, falling to the ground and leaving Brian with a lengthy tear right in his center. He took two casual steps toward it and seized its throat with both hands, then mulched its neck between his fingers. The alien dropped on the ground, its body seized from the damage to its spine. Two more aliens slashed at Brian, but he knocked their arms away pummeled their guts with just one punch each. They were knocked back and suffered muscle damage. Several more tried to finish him off, but he disarmed each one of them and took one blade in each hand.

            A second blade suddenly pierced his back and exited is gut from behind. Brian whirled around and spun his blades like a helicopter, slicing four aliens around him. He blocked more incoming blades, causing vibrant flashes of light each time they connected. With each block, a lethal slice followed. Several of the aliens fell, one after the other. Brian finally found himself unintentionally drop to one knee. He stopped one last vertical swipe with one blade, and stabbed the attacking alien with the other.

            The world around him became indiscernible. He started to fall back but was caught before he hit the floor. He tried to focus his eyes as hard as he could on the figure in front of him that was holding on to him. His strength in will managed one last view of the world around him. It was a human holding him. The human was wearing black armor with golden stripes. It was Victoria. She took off her helmet to reveal her weeping eyes. She shook her head and spoke, but Brian still couldn't find the ability to hear anything. He knew he was fading.

            "V... Vict...... Is... Is Mist, alright?" Brian squeezed out, only hoping that his words came through with proper enunciation. "I...... I need to... know......." Victoria nodded her head. He noticed her mouth the words 'yes'. Dale crept in to view from the bottom of his vision. His armor was dripping orange blood and his fists were clenched.

            Brian smiled. "Th... Thank you....." he moaned. "Thank you... all........ For the time of my life..................."

            Blackness encroached the sides of his vision. Victoria continued to weep over him.

            His head fell limp.

The End

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