Chapter 12, RevelationsMature

Chapter Thirteen


November 9th 2140, Top secret training facility on the Roman I space station

6:22 A.M.

            "What were they?" Connor asked the rookies.

            "Some kind of creatures, nothing I've ever seen before," Brian answered.

            "They attacked you? They attacked the residential quadrant?" John asked.

            "Affirmative," Viktor began. "The quadrant was up in flames when we got there. We tried to radio you guys, but our coms didn't work in that sector. They must have had some kind of jamming device set up." Viktor noticed Connor holding a two handed weapon he'd never seen before. It looked like a heavy rifle with a really thick and wide barrel, colored a bland green color with bright red stripes. "What is that?" Viktor asked pointing at the weapon Connor was holding.

            "You remember how the Freedom Knights used a Space to Ground Laser in the final assault on Moscow during the Great Civil War?" Connor referenced. "Well the eggheads concocted a miniature handheld version of it. Much less power of course but still very effective against armored vehicles." Viktor nodded in acknowledgement.

            "Whatever these things are, they're hostile, and they're about to find out what happens when you mess with Vapor T..." Dale was saying.

            Arden interrupted him, pointing in to the sky, "Guys, look." They all looked up to see several massive spaceships looming in the center of the station's ring. The ships were long, decently wide, but mostly flat, probably having no more than five stories on the inside. They weren't smooth in the slightest, but had sharp angles and a bow that narrowed to a finely pointed looking tip. The ships had massive propulsion systems on the back, several on the bottom, a couple rear facing near the front, and a handful on each side. They noticed a large number of double barreled cannons placed all over the hull of the ship, at least fifty cannons per ship.

            "How did we miss those?" Margaret wondered.

            "We can't visually see anything out here in the middle of the night," Arden replied. "They must've arrived then."

            "We need to radio Earth," John said. "They have a surprise coming."

            "What about the Roman I?" Victoria asked. "What are we supposed to do about the threat up here?"

            "We're eight kick-ass super soldiers," Dale said. "We're gonna clear this station from one end, to the other."

            "Get a chopper down here so we can get in to the main facility," Brian requested.

            "No time," Dale replied. He and the rest of Vapor Team latched on to the rookies. "Hang on tight." They slowly lifted off and flew in to the main facility. The entire chamber was alive with hundreds of soldiers gearing up and readying the training base's defenses. Nakahara was barking out orders from the landing platform in the center of the facility.

            Vapor Team and the rookies rushed up to the landing pad to inform Nakahara about their findings. After giving him a quick rundown, Nakahara's stern face only grew more serious.

            "These savages will not last," Nakahara muttered. "ATTENTION!! ALL PERSONNEL!" Nakahara's voice boomed across the chamber. Everyone ceased their frantic rush and stared at Nakahara.

            "We are under attack by an unknown alien species. I won't lie to you men, these beasts are not to be underestimated. They mutilate and butcher us. They leave our bones in the streets and let our torn open bodies rot inside our own armor. It's time to fight back! They may have the jump on us, but we are humanity! We are more resilient, more dangerous, and definitely more intelligent than any other force in this universe! We will drive these monsters back through the black hole from where they came, and we will be VICTORIUS!!!"

            The entire chamber roared and cheered with high spirits.

            "Now listen up, I want half of our troops as volunteers to split up and act as emissaries. Go out and contact every single military base we have on this station. We all need to know what we're up against." Almost every soldier raised their hands. Everyone was eager to help and fight back against the aliens. Nakahara pointed to clusters of soldiers.

            "You, you all, you guys, and you all too, arm yourselves and depart immediately to every outpost you can possibly reach. Many of them are in the dark, just like quadrant 13B is. The rest of you, stay here and defend this base until further orders are given by me."

            "Sir! Incoming transmission from FKPD headquarters!" a soldier shouted out from across the chamber.

            "Put it on the chamber's intercom!" Nakahara demanded.

            "S... ain....... Ali... specie.... Couldn't understand.... ast.... missio.... ack immediately.... Copy? I repea.......... ome in......... ing.... <STATIC>"

            "FKPD HQ this is Command Sergeant Major Katsuo Nakahara, come in!" Nakahara desperately tried to communicate back to Earth. "I repeat, this is Command Sergeant Major Nakahara, in charge of Roman I top secret Manifest Training Base. The Roman I is under attack by unknown alien hostiles! Please respond! Communications are failing, do you read!?"

            "<HEAVY STATIC>"

            "Sir they're gone, we've lost all communication," the soldier said.

            "Open all channels, every one of them!"

            "Yes sir! All channels open sir!" Only static came through on the intercom.

            "Does anybody copy!? This is Command Sergeant Major Katsuo Nakahara! Anybody read me!?"

            "<HEAVY STATIC>"

            "Emissary teams, I want you mobilized and out the door in less than five minutes. MOVE IT! Everybody, we are in the dark, and until we can regain communication with the rest of the FKPD, we will take the fight to them on this station, rally our forces, and drive these sons of bitches out of our solar system permanently! Lock and load soldiers! This is what we're here for; THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!"



            The chamber filled with battle cries and war shouts.

            "That fighter got away," Connor reminded Nakahara of the alien fighter that fled after he destroyed its wingman. "They know we're here. They'll be coming."

            "Let them," Nakahara replied. "We'll either be more than ready to take them on, especially with you guys here, or we'll already be gone elsewhere, and they will have returned to a ghost town."

            "Understood, sir," Connor acknowledged.

            "I want to hear everything you know about these creatures, rookies," Nakahara requested the rookies to inform him on everything about the aliens. The rookies gave him the rundown on their weapons, fighting styles, resilience, speed, everything they knew.

            "Swords against guns," Nakahara remarked in disbelief. "This ought to be a piece of cake. Mist, Cloud, I want you two in our watchtower until I give further orders. Smoke, Dust, I want you two to give all of our nonmilitary personnel teams a rundown on the use of guns and gun safety. Shadow, Haze, I want you two to set up a heavily fortified gun nest on top of the island's mountain peak. Fog, Steam, I want you two to scout a circle with a ten mile radius around our training grounds. Get to it guys."

            "Affirmative!" Vapor Team and rookies responded in unison. Nakahara rushed down the ramp of the landing platform and sprinted to the communications room.

            "Looks like he's gonna keep trying to hail Earth," Victoria assumed.

            "Alright guys, we have our orders, let's get to it. Everybody be careful, and remember that we take strength in each other," John said.

            "Let's go!" Margaret rushed down the ramp. Connor, Victoria, and Dale followed close behind. The other four headed down the opposite ramp.

            Margaret and Connor grabbed every kind of standard weapon they could and quickly left to review gun use with the all the nonmilitary personnel. Victoria and Dale hefted large turret crates and portable mortar launchers to the center of the landing. They placed all the equipment on a wide pallet.

            Soon enough, Arden and Viktor flew two heavily armed attack choppers in front of the blast door opening. Arden brought his chopper inside the chamber and hovered right over the pallet, then dropped four cable wires down to Victoria and Dale. They connected the cable wires to the pallet and Arden lifted them and the equipment out of the chamber and dropped them off on the mountain peak. They got to work setting up their gun nest as Arden and Viktor flew away past the gulch.


            "This is insane," Brian muttered. They were in the watch tower above the main facility, scanning far across the station's landscape.

            "What? Aliens?" John questioned.

            "Yeah. I mean after all this time, we've always thought about the existence of alien life, and now it's confirmed."

            "Yeah, it is pretty insane."

            "What do you think they want with us?"

            "Does it matter? They attacked us, we're going to slaughter them. End of story."

            "Is that just the human way?"

            "It is the human way. It may not sound like the humane way, but unless they put down their weapons and talk to us, what choice do we have?"

            "What if they don't retreat? Are we just going to kill every single one of them? Are we going to commit genocide of an alien species?"

            "Cloud, I don't understand why you're trying to make us sound like the bad guys here."

            "I'm not meaning to. I'm just contemplating all possible outcomes to this crisis."

            "I doubt this is their entire universal population their bringing to this war, and if it is, then shame on them for thinking they can just invade our home and expect to stay here alive."

            "Yeah, you're right."

            "Of course I'm right," John remarked. "When am I ever wrong? We're going to stop this invasion cold, and we're all going to live to see the end of it."


            "I hate waiting," Dale said as he screwed on the barrel of a large caliber machine gun turret.

            "Me too," Victoria agreed, setting a mortar launcher firmly in to the ground.

            "It's been well over five years since I've seen real combat. Boy am I ready to knock some heads together. I just hate waiting."

            "Hopefully Naki will give the order to move out soon."

            "I get the feeling that 'soon' isn't going to happen. Why else would we be setting up this gun nest?"

            "Well then, hopefully the aliens will come soon."

            "I hope so. From what you've told me, these things don't do politics very well. Which is fine by me, cause neither do I. These things are going down."

            "Do you think they've already began fighting on Earth?"

            "I dunno. We're far too uninformed and disorganized with this communications failure. It actually worries me, because if these aliens like using swords, then good communications would put them down quick. Without good communications though, our positioning could be all off, and this might turn in to a much more bloody war than it has to be."

            "You think they're jamming us?"

            "Probably. These things act like savage hunters, but they don't necessarily lack in technology. Hell, that thing right there proves it," Dale pointed to one of the large space ships floating in the center of the ring.

            "Speaking of which, is there no way we can take that thing out?"

            "We don't have any space ships like that. You know that. We weren't planning on encountering this kind of enemy. The best bet we have for taking those things out would be to use a stealth dropship, board it, and take it out from the inside. I'm sure Naki and plenty of other commanders on this station have already considered it. It just won't happen very quickly when our coms are cut. We'd be flying up there with deaf ears."

            They were almost done with setting up the gun nest.

            "This invasion will be remembered for all of eternity," Dale proclaimed.

            "I bet our names will be in the history books, just like yours are for the Great Civil War right?" Victoria said.

            "Of course. The universe can't get enough of Vapor Team!"

            "Hell yeah."


            Viktor and Arden were almost ten miles away from the training base. Unfortunately, they had to fly in silence, since neither their helmet coms nor their chopper radios were working. They were just about to turn and run the circumference of their scouting trip, when they spotted gleaming aircraft in the distance. They both activated their zoom optics and saw that it was an entire formation of alien fighters. Seven fighters in an inverted wedge formation, and closing fast.

            Already? Damn, Arden thought to himself. He looked over at Viktor in his cockpit, who was looking back at him. Arden smashed his fist in to his other hand a few times, then gave the incoming fighters a middle finger. Viktor nodded. They readied their weapons.

            They both revved up their nose cannons and primed two missiles each. Then, they achieved locks, and fired. The missiles streamed out in front of them and their nose cannons flared to life. The four front most phoenix fighters were caught off guard and demolished. Their large caliber nose cannons mowed down the remaining three in the back. Too easy, Arden smiled.

            His smile left as soon as it came, when out of the midair flames and smoke burst three more inverted wedge formations of alien fighters, totaling twenty-one more hostiles. Arden signaled Viktor to retreat by jerking his thumb backward, pointing the way they came. Viktor questionatively flipped off the incoming fighters, suggesting to focus more on firing as they retreated. Arden shrugged and flipped off the fighters too, agreeing to 'offensively retreat'.

            They nosed their choppers back for a few seconds to create backward momentum, then leveled out and revved up their nose cannons. They unleashed a wide barrage of cannon fire in to the fighters, taking out four. They underestimated how fast the phoenix fighters were however, as they would be on top of them in less than ten seconds.

            They desperately primed their missiles and attained locks. They fired another two missiles each, destroying four more. Finally, the hostile fighters separated. They danced through the air in all different directions and swarmed over their choppers. Arden and Viktor nosed their choppers in opposite directions and continued to unload their nose cannons at the bogeys streaming all around them.

            The hostile fighters returned fire, peppering their choppers with their worthless green needle bullets. Metal dinged and paint scratched, but no serious damage was done. At last, the fighters switched to using their green torpedoes.

            Arden and Viktor waved their choppers erratically with evasive maneuvers, successfully dodging torpedo after torpedo. They singled out fighters that flew too far in front of them and gunned them down with their cannons. However, despite their maneuvers, there were still too many torpedoes being launched at them. One torpedo struck Viktor's fuselage and knocked his chopper in to a spin.

            Arden nosed back and tracked the fighter that shot Viktor and launched a barrage of rockets at it. Most of the rockets missed, but a few at struck the fighter and blasted it to pieces. Viktor steadied his chopper to see five fighters hovering fifty yards in front of him. They unloaded their needle bullets and a few launched torpedoes. Viktor had enough time to attain locks, and he raised his chopper just out of their line of fire while launching the rest of his missiles at them. The fighters tried to flap away, but couldn't increase their speed fast enough and were blown ablaze.

            Eight phoenix fighters were left. Arden and Viktor continued to weave between the torpedo fire and barrage them with their nose cannons. Three more fighters were shredded. The remaining five focused on Viktor's already damaged chopper. They unleashed both of the weapons in their arsenal. Viktor was trapped in the middle of the torpedo barrage. He angled his chopper to dodge four of them, and opened fire on the last torpedo that would collide against him. With a combination of skill and luck, he hit the torpedo, and it blew up in a neon green gaseous looking blaze.

            Arden took the advantage of the fighters focusing solely on Viktor and attained locks on all of them. He fired the rest of his missiles and destroyed them all while they were distracted.

            Arden did a little dance inside his own cockpit. He looked over at Viktor, who was offering a blank stare. Arden pointed at him and said, "shut up," even though he couldn't hear. Viktor understood regardless, and shook his head slowly. They both looked down to inspect the wreckage of the fighters they just decimated. Their blood chilled when they noticed an army of aliens crossing the landscape like ants. They were headed directly for the training base.

            Arden and Viktor glanced at each other and immediately nosed toward the base and sped away to warn them of the impending attack.

The End

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