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World peace became a reality among humanity, but a much darker force has come to disrupt that peace. A vicious alien race now locks itself in a war with the new world. A squad of super soldiers, dubbed Vapor Team, desperately fights to stave off the invasion, but they've taken heavy losses already. Follow the team as they try to get a grip in a new spiraling conflict. (Rough Draft)


Book Three

Return to Earth

The Story So Far

Book One: The Great Civil War

            The year is 2132. World peace is no longer just a dream. After conflict among the human race since the beginning of time, the world is finally resolving its differences and coming together. Almost all aspects of life have been unified, such as currency, and language. However, the only aspect that isn't unified, is government. Before the world can progress in to its new stage, a unified government must be present. All forms of government have been abolished besides Democracy, and Communism.

            The populace of the world waited for a peaceful decision for which form of government would run the new world. However, no decision came quickly. Debates between political leaders were held weekly. As a decision was trying to be made, the populace grew weary of the unproductive debates and worthless opinion polls. They began to lose faith, and fell victim to the human nature of conflict.

            First, society began to take sides. Those who supported Democracy began to hate those who supported Communism, and vice versa. Both sides then began to violently defend themselves. Riots formed in the streets. Murders occurred in the name of their government daily. The economy began to fail without the regulation of a government. This only fueled the anger between the two sides. A year passed and political sessions became violent themselves, often times with political leaders engaging in physical fights with each other.

            It became clear that there would be no peaceful decision for the world's government, and a petition for war was written. The petition was supported by both sides of the governmental spectrum with a ratio of one hundred to one. Most citizens agreed it was the best course of action, as it kept most of the violence out of society and on the battlefield instead. The economy was stabilized once more to support the war effort as well. The war officially started on April 5th, 2133. Democracy named their army the Freedom Knights. Communism named their army the Red Legion.

            Both sides were worthy opponents of each other, and no clear victory was foreseen for either side. No ground was gained or lost, until a top secret operation was performed on four handpicked soldiers from the Freedom Knight Army. Colonel Corpus, a close advisor to General Clay of the Freedom Knight army, was the one who chose them.

            These four soldiers were chosen to be super soldiers. The operation they went through was called Integrative Boosted Stimulation Training, hosted and run by Corpus himself. Throughout the training, Corpus remained a strict, but close, mentor figure to the four soldiers. By the end of the medical procedures and military training set forth in IBST, the soldiers could run farther and faster than the average human. They could survive falls and concussive forces that would break others bones and appendages. Their reflexes were supreme, and their creativity was unmatched. They were among the strongest men in the world. Their specialized military training, matched with their superior biological enhancements, made them the most lethal team in the world. They chose the name Vapor Team, and each of them chose a unique call sign to be used inside the military for their own safety.

            John Baynard Lawton was the reconnaissance master and sniper of the group. He chose the call sign Mist. His tactical prowess was phenomenal, and his hit percentage with his sniper was one hundred percent.

            Dale Avery Lawton was the perfect hybrid of stealth and power. He chose the call sign Shadow. His aim with heavy machine turrets was incredible, despite the recoil they had. Adaptation to the battlefield another one of his strong points. He was the strongest of the group, and the most ruthless. As much as he can be loud and rambunctious during an operation, he was also skilled at staying silent and out of sight.

            Arden Julius Garcia was the pilot and close quarters expert of the group. He chose the call sign Fog. His capabilities were endless in smaller spaces and close range. He was also the best pilot throughout the entire Freedom Knight Army.

            Connor Michigan Sam was a medic pulled from the a different group of specially trained soldiers called the Designated Marksmen. He chose the call sign Smoke. His weapon of choice is the Prototype Marksmen Rifle System that was issued to him for being a member of the Designate Marksmen. His aim was exceptional, and almost as impressive as John's. He was also a massively impressive vehicle driver, and his medical expertise was invaluable.

            These four soldiers turned the tide of the war in Democracy's favor. Working as a virtually unbeatable squad, they quickly reduced the Red Legion's territories down to just their primary homesteads of Russia, China, and Vietnam. They soon found themselves nearing victory, as Vietnam was captured, and China was weakening.

            In a desperate attempt to slow the Freedom Knight's progress, the Red Legion sent special mechanically enhanced super soldiers, under the name of the Elite Blade, to eliminate war sustaining power plants, ammunition caches, and airstrips. The Elite Blade was forged in the subterranean levels of an unsuspecting hospital in the middle of Moscow, named Krietchner Hospital. The last war sustaining asset they were able to attack was a hydro-electric power plant, where they were caught in the act, and thwarted by Vapor Team.

            Vapor Team then covertly infiltrated Moscow and discovered Krietchner Hospital to be not only a sinister repurposed building to create the Elite Blade and prototype android assassins, but the Red Legion headquarters as well. As the Freedom Knight's liberated China, war plans were made to commence a final assault on Moscow.

            General Clay of the Freedom Knight army devised a way to attack Moscow. Vapor Team sabotaged the city's defenses while the main ground force attacked the city from the west. Vapor Team infiltrated the hospital and eradicated the android assassins, the Elite Blade, and Communist dictator Leonid Aptekar. With their most valuable assets crushed, and their leader killed, the Red Legion was quickly rounded up and either killed, or captured. However, this was not accomplished without loss. Colonel Corpus was trapped inside the hospital when Leonid Aptekar activated a self-destruct timer, blowing the entire block that the hospital stood in to a scorched rubble heap. In the aftermath of the battle, Vapor Team mourned over the loss of their mentor, their friend.

            Luckily, peace indeed followed the years afterward, and the Freedom Knight Army was renamed to be the Freedom Knight Police Department. Reconstruction was swift and the economy was stable yet again. For the first time in human history, the world was united and at peace. A large space station was commissioned to mark the success of humanity's new world. It was named the Roman I, and was shaped like a ring. It was also a symbol of peace and progression toward the new frontier of space. The wealthy were able to live on it if they so pleased.

            After noting Vapor Team's success in the Great Civil War, General Clay and other political leaders agreed it would be wise to increase the number of super soldiers like Vapor Team. They handpicked four more soldiers for IBST, doubling the amount of super soldiers. Vapor Team received direct orders from General Clay himself, to train the four soldiers to be just as lethal and efficient as they were. The training was to take place in secret on the Roman I space station.

            There were two men, and two women, picked to be the next four super soldiers. The women were twins, named Margaret Erika Stownin, and Victoria Mary Stownin. Brian Pewdimont Chaston, and Victor Gregory Andrews were the men. Vapor Team landed at the beautifully scenic training facility on the Roman I and met with Command Sergeant Major Katsuo Nakahara, where they eagerly awaited the arrival of the rookies so that they could begin their training.

Book Two: Gray Horizons

            The date is now June 25th, 2140. The rookies, Margaret, Victoria, Brian, and Viktor arrived at Manifest Training Base to instantly be greeted by Vapor Team. They exchanged their first impressions on each other and informed Vapor Team of their personal proficiencies with combat and combat equipment.

            Margaret Erika Stownin was a rifleman with an adequate understanding of the engineering aspects of all military and non-military land and aerial vehicles. She also had practice as a combat field medic. Connor noted her proficiencies and assigned her the call sign of 'Dust', taking her as his personal apprentice.

            Victoria Mary Stownin was a supportsman, proficient with heavy weaponry and carbines as well. Dale then noted her proficiencies and assigned her the call sign of 'Haze'. He took her as his own personal apprentice as well.

            Brian Pewdimont Chaston was a skilled marksman. He was good with a sniper rifle and superb at tracking and formulating battle strategies. John noted his proficiencies and assigned him the call sign of 'Cloud', taking him as his personal apprentice.

            Viktor Gregory Andrews was a curiously well qualified soldier. He was learned in all forms of weaponry and military vehicles, and very skilled in combat and survival capabilities. Arden noted his proficiencies and assigned him the call sign of 'Steam'. Same as the rest, he took he took him as his personal apprentice too.

            They all took a tour of the majority of the training base, led by the Sergeant Nakahara. After unpacking their personal belongings in their shared bedding quarters with Vapor Team, the rookies fell fast asleep.

            From the next morning on, the days were filled with grueling exercises of both the body and mind. Miles of running, countless reps of weights at the gym, hours spent at the gun ranges, more hours spent in classes of history and battle tactics, hand to hand combat and much more. The training was non-stop from day to day. Over two months in to their training, the rookies received a set of training armor. They wore that for the remainder of their training days through lessons on several different levels of orthodoxy. After five months of training the rookies passed their final examinations and became full-fledged super soldiers. They were then given the privilege of ordering their own custom-forged armor suits, just like Vapor Team had.

            During a night of fun in one of the base's recreation rooms, Nakahara interrupts their games and informs them that a residential quadrant had mysteriously lost communications. Everyone decides a great first mission for the rookies would be to investigate the disturbance. However, when the rookies arrive at the quadrant in their transport chopper, they get much more than they bargained for.

            The quadrant was in flames and covered in blood and human bones. Power had been lost and communications in the area were malfunctioning. The rookies recon the area for a few moments before chasing a trail of an oddly colored mysterious liquid that they believed might be a clue as to what happened to the quadrant. They reach a forested glade where they are ambushed by unnaturally vicious creatures, whom they later assume to be aliens, wielding bright neon green blades that could cut through virtually anything, including their armor. The odd colored liquid they followed also turned out to be the alien's blood.

            After getting nearly overrun by a massive number of the creatures, they retreat back to the training base, but not without first getting followed by a pair of alien fighter jets. The alien fighters were shaped like phoenixes and could flap and fly in ways that their own fighters simply couldn't. The phoenix fighter's arsenal consisted of thick needle bullet launchers and glowing green explosive torpedoes. The rookies' chopper is shot down and the alien fighters retreat to inform the rest of their brethren of where the training base is located.

            Back at the training base, communications are not working there either. They desperately try to warn Earth of the impending alien invasion but cannot. It isn't long after this that a large group of the alien creatures attack the training base. The fight is intense and many casualties are taken. One of the casualties is even one of their own. Brian heroically sacrifices himself in an effort to save John from uncertain doom.

            After the first alien attack on their base is repelled, Nakahara orders a full evacuation of all personnel back to Earth. Dale and John disobey direct orders to stay at the training base and defend it until everyone could be evacuated in order to try and find what is jamming their communications. They leave the base from just under Nakahara's nose and end up finding what they were looking for. They destroy a very tall, alien spire-looking structure that indeed frees up their communications in the area.

            While all of the training base's dropships are returning from their first evacuation to Earth, John and Dale sprint back to the base. They arrive right in the middle of a second alien assault on the base, this time much larger than the previous one. FKPD soldiers fight valiantly to survive until the dropships return, but when they do they are instantly shot down by phoenix fighters. After pushing aside the thought of hopelessness, Nakahara orders everyone to retreat to the base's garages and leave the area as fast as possible in standard transport vehicles.

            Before they could get near the garages however, John is pelted with alien phoenix fighter's needle bullets and blasted away with their torpedoes. Shocked and enraged at John's death, Vapor Team and the remaining rookies dwell in hate and remorse. The last glimpse of John they got, was his lifeless body flailing through the air.

            Now, with close to two hundred aliens breathing down their necks as they retreat, they desperately try to make it to the garages and give up the training base in order to try and live to fight another day. Only the next day would be without John, nor Brian...

The End

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