Chapter 8, FlashbackMature

Chapter Eight


May 28th 2134, Temporary command post in Priozersk, Kazakhstan

10:00 P.M.

            Vapor Team was stationed at an FK command post on the edge of Lake Balkhash in Priozersk Kazakhstan. The command post they were in had a very castle-like appearance to it. Watchtowers and gates were set up on all four sides of the command post, surrounding an area of land about two thousand square feet in size. There were metal walls and bridges that connected the gates and watchtowers. John was walking along the bridges that ran the perimeter of the command post. As usual he was trying to keep watch and keep an understanding of his surroundings. Dale was sitting on a large batch of crates sharpening his two curved blades. Arden and Connor were standing by the north gate of the command post talking.

            Surrounding the command post was the lake to the north and east, an open grassland to the west and a small villa to the south. The edge of the shoreline was rocky and rough, with a few scattered hills and boulders between the lake and the command post. A large dirt mound that stood in front of the south side of the command post blocked any view of the villa.

            “I still don’t get why we call it the great civil war,” Arden remarked.

            “Because, the only thing that we are fighting over is what form of government is going to run the New World Order,” Connor tried to explain. “Even though we are technically not a completely unified people yet, the populace just likes to hear that we are.”

            “I guess that makes sense, but it’s not true at all. We aren’t unified yet.”

            “Yeah, but just like how the 100 year war didn’t last one hundred years, this is a civil war that isn’t a civil war.”

            “Okay, okay,” Arden gave in.

            The night they were in was fairly dark. There was no moon out and the night sky was pitch black with dotted stars. The command post was well lit however.

            “Scouting party Bravo reporting in. Mist, do you read us?” A soldier asked over John’s helmet com.

            “I read you Bravo. Are you done with your patrol?” John asked as a reply.

            “Yes sir. We will be at the north gate shortly,” The soldier replied.

            “Alright, I’ll let you in,” John said. John walked across the wall bridges to the north gate control. Once he got there he looked out to the north but didn’t see Bravo Party. He waited for a few minutes.

            “Hey, Bravo. How long is shortly?” John asked. There was no reply. “Bravo, come in.” There was still no reply. John raised his sniper rifle and looked through the scope to the north. There was nothing but the hills and scattered boulders, then the lake. Where are they? John thought to himself. “Bravo, I repeat, come in.” Again, there was no reply. John began to worry.

            “Sir, should I put the base on alert?” A soldier standing next to John asked.

            John hesitated for a few seconds, hoping that Bravo would call in, but they didn’t. “Yeah, go ahead. Alert the base.” The soldier turned to a control panel and was about to type in a passcode, but suddenly his head jerked back and blood spewed out of an entrance hole in his visor and out of an exit hole in the back of his helmet. He was shot right between the eyes.

            “Sniper!” John yelled out as he ducked behind the thick solid metal sides of the bridge. “We’re under attack!” John reached his hand up and typed in a passcode himself on the computer console and sounded the base alarm. Three more FK soldiers fell dead on the walls and in the towers of the command post before all the soldiers took cover. Bullet fire began peppering the walls and whizzing over the walls. Suddenly the base came alive. FK soldiers scrambled every which way to grab their guns and ready their defenses. Connor and Dale rushed up a ramp to the top of the walls where John was. Dale hefted a heavy machine gun and Connor had his PMR.

            “Where are we getting hit from!?” Connor yelled out.

            “I dunno but let’s find out yeah!” Dale shouted as he motioned to all of the soldiers on the wall, which was twenty five soldiers, to return fire at the same time. Dale counted down, three, two, one. Then they all rose over the cover and saw a group of about thirty RL soldiers rushing from the north and northwest who were all firing on their position.

            “Suck it bitches!” Dale shouted as he steadied his machine gun on the wall and opened fire on the rushing soldiers. Connor and John popped up from behind the cover as well and tried to focus their rifles on any one soldier but the hostile fire was too much. John got struck in the armor on his forearm, but the bullet didn’t breach his armor. John ducked down as soon as he felt the bullet impact on his armor. Connor ducked down with him. Ten more FK soldiers fell to hostile assault fire and sniper fire.

            “There’s too much hostile fire on our position!” Connor exclaimed. “We have to fight them inside the walls!” Dale was struck twice by gunfire in the chest. One of the bullets breached his armor but was slowed down enough by the armor that it only wedged in between two of his rib bones and not any further.

            “Grr, fuck!” Dale shouted in anger as he dropped down behind the cover.

            “You alright?” Connor asked Dale.

            “Shut up,” Dale replied.

            John glanced at Connor for a second. “Yup, he’s alright,” John remarked. Suddenly they all heard the roar of several jetpacks. Twelve RL soldiers flew above the walls and each one threw a grenade into the base down below, then opened fire on the remaining soldiers on the walls and in the base below. A dozen scattered explosions shook the earth and kicked up dirt into the air, covering the view of the RL soldiers in the air from any FK soldiers on the ground. All the rest of the soldiers on the walls and in the watch towers besides Dale, Connor, and John were killed by the airborne RL soldiers. Connor leaped high into the air and wrapped his arms around one of the soldiers. He activated his zoom optics and spotted the hostile sniper laying prone on top of a boulder to the north.

            “Mist, the sniper is on top of a boulder to the north!” Connor shouted out to John as he unsheathed his knife and stuck it into the RL soldier’s throat that he had grabbed on to. He then fell thirty feet to the ground below, kicking up the dirt a little when he landed. The RL soldier spun out of control and smacked into one of the base walls, hard. The remaining eleven soldiers descended down into the mess of FK troops below and killed twenty FK soldiers before they could even get reoriented from the RL soldiers’ grenade barrage.

            After having heard Connor yell out the sniper’s position, John shifted across the wall a few feet, then popped from the cover and focused his sniper scope on the tops of the boulders. He almost instantly spotted the sniper and adjusted his aim on the sniper’s head. The hostile sniper began to adjust his aim towards John but John had already pulled the trigger. Only a split second later and RL sniper was dead and his sniper rifle slid off of the boulder and landed in the sand below.

            “Got him!” John yelled out. Just then he heard the sound of two RPG rockets firing. Another second later and the north gate was blown to pieces. The blast of the RPG fire sent John flying to the middle of the command post and a searing pain rushed through John’s arm when he landed. John had fractured the bone in his forearm, but it didn’t stop him from fighting. Twenty more RL soldiers rushed to go through the now destroyed north gate.

            Connor and John began focusing on the soldiers that had dropped in from above. Connor shot two RL soldiers through the visor, then engaged a third in close combat with his knife in hand. He jabbed at a weak point in the soldier’s armor but was grabbed and disarmed instead. The RL soldier roundhouse kicked Connor across the side of his head and Connor was knocked to the ground. Connor furiously readied himself for an intense hand to hand engagement, but the soldier was blasted through the heart by a sniper shot.

            “You suck at this!” John shouted to Connor as he picked him up off of the ground. The FK soldier’s had taken out only two of the RL soldiers since they landed and there was still six more and only about twenty-five FK soldiers were still alive and fighting.

            “Oh shut up and let’s do this!” Connor shouted back. They both got back to back and John shot another through the length of his chest with his sniper. Connor took out two more with his PMR. Connor was shot in the armor on his right shoulder but the bullet didn’t breach. He pulled his pistol off of his hip and popped the soldier who shot him right through the visor. The two RL soldiers who dropped down were finally taken down by other FK soldiers, but there was only ten FK soldiers left alive, plus Dale and Arden.

            “My turn,” Arden muttered as the rushing twenty RL soldiers reached the gate entrance. The first RL soldier who entered the interior area of the command post was blasted in the side by Arden’s shotgun. “Boom beeyatch!” Arden shouted. The remaining ten FK soldiers opened fire on the RL soldiers rushing through the gate. Arden blasted another RL soldier with his shotgun as they came through, but his shotgun was kicked out of his hands by an RL soldier to his side.

            “Oh you did not just do that!” Arden shouted at the soldier as he kicked him so hard in the groin that the soldier felt the blow on his privates even through his armor. Slightly stunned the soldier was struck again across the face over and over again by Arden’s fists. Finally Arden winded up for a final strike and hit the soldier so hard across the face that his neck snapped and he fell dead. Arden pulled his pistol off of his hip and continued firing on the RL soldiers, but he was shot just above the kneecap and fell to one knee as the bullet pierced into his leg. An RL soldier rushed over to him and pulled his knife out and came down at Arden’s throat. Arden grabbed the soldier’s arm and deflected it away from his throat, but he didn’t deflect it away from him entirely, as the knife still dug into his right shoulder where there was not armor cover. Arden ignored all of the pain he felt and grasped the soldier by the neck with his left hand and brought him down to the ground and crushed his neck. He was then knocked on his back by another RL soldier who kicked him in the side. The soldier was about to shoot Arden right in the head through his visor, but Arden painfully lifted his right arm and shot him repeatedly in the gut with his pistol. The soldier was stunned by the numerous bullet wounds, but was still alive.

            “Fog, I got you!” Arden heard a voice say from above. Just afterwards Dale came falling from above, holding his machine turret by the barrel and smashed the soldier wounded by Arden in to the ground with the bulk of his machine turret. The soldier was no doubt dead after that. Dale then swung the machine turret around and bashed another RL soldier right in the chest, hearing his rib cage shatter even above the noise of all of the other gunfire. The soldier was launched across the length of the command post. Dale’s turret broke at that impact and he pulled both of his assault carbines off of his back and opened fire on the remaining RL soldiers with both of his guns, separating his aim to take out two at once here and there. All of the RL soldiers were then taken down besides one. The RL soldier was behind Dale and shot him twice in the back, both bullets pierced through weak points in his armor and Dale dropped both of his carbines in pain. He pulled both of his pistols off of his hips and turned around and shot the remaining RL soldier repeatedly. Arden had grabbed his shotgun again and blasted a full shell into the soldier as well, along with a sniper round straight to the head from John and a few PMR shots from Connor. After that the entire RL soldier’s head was taken clean off and launched out of the command post through the gate, and the soldier’s upper body was torn open by the force of all the gunfire.

            “Clear?” Connor asked as he looked around the command post.

            “Yeah, I think so,” Arden replied as he painfully picked himself up off of the ground. Only three FK soldiers were left alive aside from Vapor Team after the battle. They all met in the middle of the command post. John was holding his broken arm, Dale was a little stiff from the pain he felt from his three bullet wounds, and Arden limped a little from his leg wound and held his shoulder that still had the knife stuck in it.

            “You know what,” Connor began to say. “You guys really need to learn how to not get hurt.”

            “Oh shut the hell up Smoke,” Arden said in a very annoyed tone.

            “Hey, I’m not the one who’s hurt now am I?” Connor asked with a smile hidden behind his helmet.

            “Yeah but if you don’t shut up that won’t be the case for long,” Dale replied with a glare. Connor pulled off his field medical trauma kit and did his best to mend the wounds that Vapor Team and the other three soldiers had. After they were patched up as best as possible they contacted command and told them what happened.

            “So these guys definitely weren’t standard military,” John proclaimed.

            “Yeah no kidding, they practically destroyed us,” Connor agreed as he looked around the command post at the various holes in the ground from grenades and bullet holes in the walls and broken field computers.

            “Well, just look at them,” Arden said as he knelt down next to one of the RL soldier’s as best as he could without hurting his leg even more. “Their armor is different.”

            “Yeah, you’re right,” Connor agreed. They all then noticed that there were some differences in the armor. The colors were still the same, but the actual armor plating was very different. The armor they wore was jagged and shaped at odd angles. This was probably an attempt to throw off the sonar radar waves in every soldier’s armor. This would render them invisible to the sonar radar, or at least show a false position on their enemies’ radar. Also their helmets were sleeker seemed more advanced. Whether they actually were or not was unknown but the RL soldiers fought way more tactically and efficiently than how the normal RL soldiers fought, so it was assumed that they did have more advanced software.

            “Hey, what’s this?” John asked as he pointed to a small one inch tall by one inch wide symbol on the shoulder armor of one of the RL soldiers. It was a decal of a short sword stabbing into a white star with blood dripping lined along the edge of the sword and dripping off of the tip.

            “That’s new,” Dale remarked bluntly. “I wonder what it’s supposed to mean?”

            Just as Dale finished saying that, they heard a faint cough from across the command post. It was the soldier that Dale had bashed with through the air with his machine turret. Dale hurried over to the RL soldier and removed his helmet and pulled his pistol off of his hip and aimed it at his face.

            “Tell me what military division of the RLA you are from and I can end your pain,” Dale demanded. The soldier just grunted and frowned a little.

            “Fool,” the soldier responded in a very weak voice. “We’re your worst nightmare, Vapor Team,” the soldier continued with a sneer. Then he coughed a few times and exhaled his last breath.

            “Yeah I seriously doubt that,” Dale said with a chuckle. “That’s why I’m alive and you’re not."

The End

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