Chapter 5, Unwanted GuestsMature

Chapter Five

Unwanted Guests

August 6th 2134, A hydroelectric power plant ten kilometers northwest of Mozhaysk.

4:10 A.M.

            “You think that they know we are here?” Arden whispered.

            “No,” Dale replied. They both lay motionless on the roof, not moving a muscle. Shortly afterward panic struck his soul. The canvas covering the dead bodies! Dale thought to himself. What if they see it!? The shadowy figures were on the edge line of the forest to the east and the large green tent tarp was only twenty yards down the edge of the forest from where the figures were creeping.

            “Fog, the tarp,” Dale whispered.

            “Oh shit,” Arden muttered softly. “I’m going to go alert Mist and Smoke.” Dale just remained silent. Ever so slowly Arden backed away from the edge of the roof and crawled his way over to the door leading to the stairwell. Luckily the stairwell door was out of sight of the interlopers, so they wouldn’t see any movement from their location. Once inside the building Arden hurriedly rushed down the stairs and entered the lobby.

            “Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey,” Arden said awakening John and Connor. They were instantly on their feet as soon as they heard the Arden say the first word.

            “What’s wrong?” Connor asked as he pulled his assault rifle off of his back, cocked it and flipped off the safety. John did the same as well.

            “We have guests,” Arden replied with a devious grin hidden behind his helmet.

            “Communists?” John asked.

            “Not sure yet, but more than likely yes. They are exiting the forest to the east and heading preparing to head up the hill to the catwalks as we speak,” Arden replied.

            “Well then we need a plan,” John proclaimed. “Fog, you circle around the parking lot side and be ready to flank or apprehend them if they try to run or get in to a firefight. Connor, you rush inside the reservoir tunnels as fast as you can to flank behind them before they reach the catwalks and see you. Go now.” Arden rushed outside and around the south side of the power plant where the parking lot was. He got in to position just at the corner of the southeast side of the plant. Connor sprinted up the stairs one floor and exited on to the catwalks and climbed down the ladder into the closest reservoir pit while being sure to slowly submerge in the water and not make any noise, then entered the tunnel heading to the northeast and turned on his night vision. Here I am in the tunnels again, Connor thought to himself.

            “So what are you doing Mist?” Connor whispered over his helmet com as he trudged his way through the tunnel that was now full of draining water.

            “I’m going to go across the top of the cliff to the northwest side, this way we have them completely surrounded,” John replied as he was scaling the cliff to the west. “Shadow, you’re staying on the roof for now right?”

            “Affirmative,” Dale whispered in response. “Heads up, they are advancing up the hill now. One sec.” Dale activated his zoom optics and faintly noticed the Red Legion color scheme on the armor that the intruders wore. They wore the exact same armor that the standard Freedom Knight wore, but the color scheme was a dark ash grey and crimson red stripes. “It is now affirmative, they are Red Legion troops.”

            “Copy that,” John replied as he sprinted across the top of the cliff just out of sight to the RL troops below. “Here’s what we are going to do. Keep an eye on them Shadow and track their movements. When the time is right, you give the signal, and we will engage. If we can, take them out silently. Also, see if we can’t get a few captives too for interrogation.”

            “Got it,” Arden, Connor and Dale replied in unison.

            “Okay, it looks like we have fourteen total hostiles. Eight of them are moving up the hill to the catwalks. Three of them are staying by the edge of the forest, two more are moving along the east side of the plant to the south, and one of them is entering the main drain reservoir tunnel,” Dale whispered to Vapor Team over his helmet com.

            “Copy. Smoke, take out the one going into the tunnels. Fog, take out the two coming towards you. Quietly,” John ordered. Connor still trudged his way towards the outflow exit. He distinctly remembered there was a three way intersection of the tunnels at the top of the slope near the outflow exit. He reached the intersection that was shaped like a ‘T’ and waited at the intersection of the ‘T’. He waited for ten seconds. Suddenly the RL soldier poked his head around intersection corner and his body moved in a surprised manner to find Connor waiting around the corner. As soon as he noticed Connor was as soon as he suddenly was in complete darkness. Connor had yanked off the RL soldier’s helmet and the soldier began drowning in the water-filled tunnel. With no night vision or life support assistance from his helmet, the soldier slowly and helplessly drowned to death. Connor took the knife out of the RL soldier’s sheathe and proceeded back up the flow of the tunnel to the main reservoir pit.

            Arden stood motionless just around the southeast corner of the power plant. He heard the soft footsteps of the two RL soldiers against the rustling grass under their boots. They were close. “Wait here and be ready,” Arden heard one of them whisper to the other. Arden made the split second decision to quickly, but quietly, move back inside the building before he rounded the corner. It’ll be easier to take them out from inside, Arden thought. He entered through the double doors of the main building and ran to the lobby and waited around the corner. Sure enough, a few seconds later he faintly heard the double doors open down the hallway. A few more seconds of silence. Arden heard finally heard two footsteps and then nothing again. He estimated the soldier was only a few feet from the lobby. Arden waited around the corner.

            “Move into the building,” Arden heard the soldier say again. Then the soldier made a fatal mistake. The soldier stepped his right foot into the lobby right next to Arden. Arden took the chance. He slid his left leg in between the RL soldier’s legs and tripped the soldier horizontally into the air. In one smooth motion he brought his right hand around and down, grasping the soldier’s neck while he was still in midair and brought the soldier down to the ground, crushing his windpipe, popping his blood vessels and snapping his neck. The soldier writhed in pain for a short second and died shortly afterward. Still grasping the soldier’s neck, Arden pulled him into the shadows of the lobby.

            Suddenly he heard the soldier’s helmet com buzz, “Where are you?” Arden lightly stepped back to the corner wall where the hallway started. He peeked around for a split second and saw the RL soldier slowly creeping up the hallway with his assault rifle trained on his corner. Arden suddenly had an ingenious idea. He pulled out one of his grenades and without pulling the pin, swiftly slid it down the hallway to the RL soldier’s feet. The soldier panicked and broke off his aim to grasp the grenade, believing it was live, and threw it back towards the lobby. By this time Arden had rounded the corner and was inhumanly sprinting towards the soldier. Arden caught the grenade that the soldier threw back to the lobby and still sprinted towards the soldier. The soldier panicked even more at the seemingly suicidal soldier rushing towards him. Arden reached him, grasped his shoulders and kneed him in the gut where his armor had a weak point. The soldier, with the wind half knocked out of him, attempted to return the blow with his fist to Arden’s gut. Like lightning, Arden countered, grabbing the soldier’s forearm with his right hand. He spun him around halfway and with his left hand he grasped the soldier’s upper arm and twisted it out of socket, snapping the bone near the elbow as well. The soldier bent over backwards in reaction to the pain and Arden took the chance to wrap his right arm and the soldier’s neck and put him in a choke hold. After a little under a minute, the soldier was unconscious. Arden took the two soldier’s weapons and hid them in a nearby office. He dragged the unconscious soldier to a door and tied the hand on his good arm to the doorknob with a few computer wires. He won’t be able to untie them or cut them with a broken arm, Arden thought to himself. He then hastily returned to the corner outside that he was originally posted at.

            “So where do we stand now?” Arden asked.

            “Those eight soldiers have made it to the middle of the catwalks, and the three soldiers by the forest are still there,” Dale replied.

            “I have an idea,” Arden proclaimed. “I ‘nade the three by the forest. Shadow, Mist, you two open fire from the rooftop and cliff on the eight. Smoke, you hit them from below since you’re in the reservoir.”

            “Sounds good to me,” Connor agreed. “Here, on my mark, when I say go, Fog, you throw that grenade. Shadow, Mist, you open fire when I’m clear.”

            “Got it,” They all replied. Connor slowly and quietly climbed the ladder in the main reservoir pit. He reached the top rung of the ladder and instead of pulling himself up, he shifted along the edge of the catwalks out of sight. He waited, holding on to the edge of the pit, for one of the RL troops to get close. Connor unsheathed his knife with his left hand and held on to the pit ledge with his right. The RL soldiers were checking every drainage pit from the catwalks. Finally one of the soldiers stepped over to Connor’s pit, and leaned over the railing. The soldier began to yell out at the sight of Connor but before he could sound off for more than half of a second, Connor lunged upwards as fast as he could with all of his might and stuck his knife into the side of the soldier’s throat. While Connor was still above the top of the pit he pulled his pistol off of his hip and dispatched another soldier with a headshot right through the visor. Connor began to fall and pulled the soldier still struck by his knife with him.

            “GO!” Connor yelled out as he splashed into the water below and entered the drainage tunnel once again. Arden pulled the pin on his grenade and threw it across the entire side of the power plant. It landed a foot to the left of the three soldiers and exploded. The closest RL soldier’s legs were blown right out from under him, and the second suffered from the shrapnel piercing the weak points of his armor. The third one that was farthest away from the grenade merely got blasted back. Stunned, the surviving RL soldier sprang to his feet and sprinted back in to the woods retreating. Arden fired three shots at him, but with just pistol and the dense cover of the forest, it was hopeless.

            “Shit!” Arden yelled as he sprinted to the hill leading to the catwalks on the east side. Dale and John had already opened fire on the six remaining soldiers on the catwalks. Three of them dropped dead before the other three even knew what was hitting them. One of the soldiers shot two rounds at John posted on the cliff but missed and fell dead shortly afterwards. The two remaining soldiers attempted to sprint inside the main building. Dale jumped from the roof to intercept them. While falling through the air he gunned down the one in the back and then landed on the last one, hard. The RL soldier’s leg snapped under the weight of Dale’s crushing impact. Still he tried to crawl into the main building. Dale removed the soldier’s helmet with one hand and grabbed his armor collar with the other and lifted him into the air. Then, still with just one arm, Dale brought him down and smashed him against the catwalk face first with bone crushing force. The soldier after that had not only a broken leg, but five broken ribs, a smashed nose, and a fractured jaw, but was barely alive.

            “Oh yes. We are going to have some fun with you,” Dale said in a sarcastically exuberant voice. He was still holding on to the soldier’s armor collar and dragged him inside the building. The soldier had blood oozing down the side of his face and passed out from pain as he was dragged by Dale in to the building.

            “Status,” John requested. Arden had stepped on to the catwalks again.

            “Looks like we’re good, all hostiles eliminated. However, one did escape back in to the woods,” Arden replied.

            “That’s fine let him,” Connor said as he climbed the reservoir pit ladder again, this time hefting the throat-cut soldier on his shoulder. Connor was dripping red tinted water from the blood that spilled out of the soldier’s throat wound.

            “Yeah, let him go back and tell all of his little buddies that Vapor Team is badass,” Dale said over his helmet com with a chuckle. “They certainly won’t be coming back here again.” John jumped down to the rooftop of one of the buildings below the cliff line, and then jumped down to the catwalks. Connor dropped the dead soldier on the pile of five other dead soldiers in the middle of the catwalk. He met with John and Arden and all three of them entered the main building.

            “Alright, goodnight,” Connor said as he plopped back down on one of the lobby couches as if nothing had happened. John did the same. Dale had brought the soldier he had crippled in to the lobby as well and placed him in the room that Arden had tied the other soldier’s hand to the door. Dale and Arden closed the door and barricaded the exit with desks and chairs and other large items so that the hostile soldiers were in a sort of makeshift cell.

            “They can’t move any of this stuff with how crippled they are,” Dale proclaimed. “Let’s get back to the roof and keep watch again.” Arden and Dale kept watch on the roof again and waited until the sun was visible in the morning.

            “You think the hostile soldiers are awake yet?” Arden asked.

            “No, not yet,” Dale replied. “ But they’re going to wish that they hadn’t when they do.”

The End

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