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A futuristic story of four bio-genetically enhanced super soldiers, set in the year 2134. World peace is almost a reality. Form of government is the only topic of debate, between Communism or Democracy. War has erupted to determine which form will run the new world. Red Legion Army represents Communism. Freedom Knights Army represents Democracy. This is the story of these four soldiers in the war, and of what happens post-war. (Rough Draft)


The Great Civil War


August 3rd 2134, Houston Texas

2:35 A.M.

            General Clay was sitting behind his desk in his office at the Freedom Knights headquarters, his desk riddled with paperwork and dossiers of various different marines and squadrons. His most trusted colonel, Colonel Corpus, sat on the other side of the desk. A half whittled down cigar hung out of General Clay’s mouth, still smoking and giving the office a distasteful smoky stench as he thumbed through paper after paper, list after list of different groups of marine squadrons. The office was fairly dark; the only light was the single bulb over Clay’s desk hanging from the ceiling by a thin wire. Corpus picked up a folder that was closer to his side of the desk. In the dim light he still spotted the title Vapor Team printed on the folder’s tab. Corpus then stood up and leaned over the desk, handing the folder to Clay.

“This one sir,” Corpus said in a crisp and confident tone of voice.

“Vapor Team,” Clay acknowledged, taking the folder out of Corpus’s hand. “Colonel, are you sure we should pull our most valuable squadron off the front lines?”

“Yes sir, I don’t see any other possible options before us.”

Clay opened the folder and pulled out four dossiers, tapped his cigar over the ashtray on the side of his desk and began to read the documents. He had already read Vapor Team’s dossiers and commendations over two dozen times, but he needed to be completely sure it was the right decision to take Vapor Team off the front lines.

“The Red Legion’s back is against the wall, they won’t last much longer. We need to ensure that they can’t gain a foothold for a possible counterattack by protecting this power plant with none other than the best we have.” Corpus explained.

Clay knew that Corpus was right. Ever since the Red Legion had been pushed back to the last remnants of their territories, their fighting was getting more desperate. Since the Communists were staring defeat right in the eyes, their forces had begun eliminating key war sustaining assets under Democratic control near the front lines in an attempt to slow down the Freedom Knights’ progress. Ammunition caches, power plants, and airstrips were the Red Legion’s primary targets. Corpus was the one who noticed the Red Legion’s pattern in the assault of these war assets and predicted their next target, a hydroelectric power plant located approximately one hundred kilometers from the front lines in Russia. After having heard Corpus’s analysis, Clay had called Corpus in to his office to discuss who to send to reinforce the power plant, but they had been indecisive up until this point.

Clay finished reading Vapor Team’s dossiers, putting them back in the folder and laying the folder down on his desk. He took a long drag of his cigar, and looked up at Corpus.

“A sniper, a medic, a supportsman, and a pilot. I hope you know what you are doing Corpus. All four of those men work brilliantly on the front lines together. If you are wrong about the Communists next strike, it could mean a much slower end to the war.”

“I am confident in my decisions General. We cannot allow the Red Legion forces to gain any sort of advantage against us.”

After a long pause, Clay replied, “Agreed, Vapor Team will defend the power plant. Corpus, I am sending you personally to issue these new orders to Vapor Team. Depart immediately to Firebase Epsilon and extract Vapor Team from the front lines.”

“Understood sir,” Corpus said already exiting the office.

Clay finished his cigar and placed it in the ash tray. He leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment. Four soldiers, our best soldiers, are being reassigned on defensive duty. Corpus better know what he is doing. If the rumors are true about the new communist assets, then this may be an even bigger risk. But Corpus hasn’t been wrong about anything yet. However, if this new directive for Vapor Team goes south… well, we will be looking at a much longer war indeed…

The End

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