Back To Paradise

We removed the book from the glass case, pulled up chairs and sat in a circle..  The eldest began to read..


You are here now, this is your way back to me and back to paradise.  I have watched you for many years, I have allowed you to go your own way, to pursue your dreams, to stab yourselves all over with pains, trying to achieve that state of nirvana.. You strove hard but, you ignored the gifts I gave you.  In your pursuits you forgot about a beautiful day, you forgot about your children, you forgot about.. the earth.  You have left your mark on my heavenly bodies and claimed them as your own, you have made trade with all of the things I handed you for free, you built cities, you built empires but, you did not build the society, you did not appreciate what I lovingly gave you, My heart was glad and rejoiced at the thought of you enjoying what was here, then it rained my tears, when I saw how you had no love for each other and even more, no love for me.  Now children, you will learn, I will teach, no longer will man dominate man to his injury, instead, learn and return..

That was our letter, that was the beginning of our lessons on, survival..

The End

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