A New World

What now?  We couldn't push, flick, click, load up, down load, there was no wysiwyg or whatever.

We had no guidance from older ones no one here was that old.  Our whole lives had spanned decades of computerization.  When the last of the computers went down, the last cell beeped, buzzed, or played that song, we were pretty much in the dark, . If not for the archaic practice of burning candles we would have been literally in the dark.

It was tricky heating up the microwaveable food.  Most would explode and we'd wind up scraping the remains off our shirts and nursing burns to our skin.

The children were amazing, they romped and played while we fretted and cried. And then, we paid more attention to the animals, these were the same beasts that had been mechanically fed, mechanically watered,  electronically housed..

They ate from the ground, we followed them one day, they drank from the ground.  They slept under a grove of trees.

There were steel structures, we decided to explore them. 

They were the mecha of our world, the center of our universe and now they were quiet.  We hoped they held the secret to our survival.

The End

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