Back to Paradise

It crept into existence, so slight, not even the keenest Hacker had noticed.   There hadn't been a program to match it, or to counteract it. 

It slinked through  the information highway, chewing up and swallowing knowledge.  No one knew where it started, who started it, or how to stop it, what they did know was that It had started in the summer of 2030 with a couple of power outages.  The Edison crews worked hard and fast to get the power back and, as fast as they put the grid up, another was taken down.

It crept it's way into the education system.. There was nothing new to learn and no way to learn anything old.  Some of the older schools still had text books.  But when the yellowed pages of the books were opened, they crumbled.

All of the food houses had been shut down and had to be managed by hand, We had no way of taking stock or keeping track  of how much was left.

Communication went next, satellites fell from the sky.  A mile high hill of cells, Ipods, Mp3s, key boards,  screens, cpus had been deposited at the city dump.  There was no trade, no import or export, all travel routes had been decimated.

Hybrids sat along the sides of the streets, not really parked, just abandoned. Planes sat on the tarmac empty hulking monsters, a reminder of times past.

And water was running dangerously low. No electricity, no turbines.

And yet, the animals flourished..


The End

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