Two- How to Loose your Mind

"You are so far a failiur." She sniggered, " But no worries, your not a gone case yet." She removed a silver ball from her pocket. "This ball is worth more than you." She smiled. Im giveing it to you. Its important, you do not gve it to anyone no matter what!" She sighed. "Your heart is like this ball, you have to keep it in your grasp, nothing should sway you to give it away."

She left.

The fey had dark red wings, and a black over coat. He staired at the glittering ball with grave interest. "Oh boy!" He said, "Your majesty! My Lord! I would die for that item! You know what it is?"

"No, and Im not giveing it to you." I kept my head high.

"I will give you two of your greatest wishes if you give me the ball." He said, "I have magyk that can grant them...revenge? ...respect? ...anything." I wanted revenge, and more than anything respect. But no, I couldnt.

"No, I order you to leave me." I tried the most authorititive voice I had.

"Or what?" He raised one little eye brow.

"Or I'll book you for treason." I wasn't really sure about the norm here but still, had to try.

"Pft!" He sniggered, "Yeah right!" But he walked away either way.

The next was a little old lady. "Yes!" She seemed over joyed. "Son! You have the silver ball!" She ran and kissed my feet. The cream in her wings were fadeoing, the colour in her eyes were glassy and grey.

"Im sorry, maam, I cant give you this ball." I tried.


Complete later

The End

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