One- The Beginning

"A sword." Cynthia held the steal sharp blade. It is your greatest friend, in the most desperate battles. Now listen, your heart must be like this sword, she said, swinging it in circles, "Sharp, dilligent and disciplined." She said, as she threw the sword into a tree, causeing the formation of a large hole in the bark. I couldnt help but shiver. 


"No matter what you see, what you hear or feel, hold this sword in front of you, with your arms at ninety degree angles, till I return, no cheating, I will know. If you dont want to know." Her laugh was slightly evil, as she walked away.

I stood for what could have been hours, just staring in the abbyss. Till I saw it, and knew I was going to fail. It was a dog-like creature, wounded from head to toe, thin and boney, limping to my feet.  It looked up at the tree with a whole in it. It wanted the fruit.

Cynthia was not around, so how much could she see?

Useing the whole as footing I climbed the tree, leaving the sword in the ground, and took down the beautiful, soft pink fruit. I turned...Oh Crap.

She was standing there, holding the sword in one hand, and petting the dog in the other. The dog was quite happily chewing on a thing (I refused to ask what the 'blue thing' was.) "I said, nothing." She smiled. Almost immediatly, I felt a tingle on my back, A strange sensation over came me, and wagged. I had just grown a brand new tail!! Woopie!

"Failiur!!" She yelled.

The End

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