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When your a rich guy, who jumps of a three story school building, head first, you expect to land up on the floor with your brains splashed all over the pavement. . . thats not exactly what happened to me.

For one, it was quite a nice drop down, light, and ...fluffy...

For two, when I landed, I landed on my..."ahem"...rear

And for three...I landed up in a red rose bed...

Well, I was surrounded by people, like anyone would be, just not...human people. I was surrounded by Fay.


When I was a child, I would draw their sketches in a book I had. Short, childlike people, with large eyes, and small multicoloured wing. The colour of thier eyes and wings corresponded to the element they controlled, red being fire, green-Earth, Blue-water, and cream- air. Black wings were the night Fey. 

I'd written countless stories about them. But now, it was almost like I was in a story.

"Your magisty!" A short, round little fellow, with green butterfly wings waddled up to me from the buzzing chattering crowd, "Why are you here at this time?! And all covered in...human?!" He scrutinized me.  

"Where?..." I asked. "Why are you...small."

"Oh!" He giggled, "Come now, my Lord, don't tease, best get you ready."

"No." A female voice stuck out from the background. The chatter stopped, the atmosphere became dark.

"Cynthia..." He mummbled. As the woman stepped out from the shadows.

"Queen Cynthia...your majesty, it is...the Lord, he's..." The little man stumbled.

"Shush." She silenced him.

"What is your name, boy?" She asked.

"My Lady, you can't..." The little man began.

"I SAID SHUT IT!" She answered. Then looked at me, "I want a name."

"Akil...Akil Skim." I mummbled. She sniggered.

"Don't get him ready." She said looking at the little man. "Take i to the barracks, and keep him there with Arev till I come." The little man bowed, and took me gently by the arm.

For some reason, this all seemed perfectly..normal. Alot more normal than being mugged at school, and slapped about by your dad, thats for sure.

" lord...who am I?" He asked.

"Umm...A feary?" I answered. His head dropped, he seememd dissapointed.

"You came in human form." He muttered. "Why a human?" He looked up at me with his great, big eyes. It felt like he was looking into my soul, his green eyes sparkled with an unearthly glow.

We walked accross the grass in silence. Atleaste...I think it was grass. It was crushed beneath my feet, like glass. Then the fragents regrew into the ground, and stood straight up, like spikes. It scared me slightly.

The barracks were a beautiful silver ornate mansion with gold lineing and blue marble, overgrown with wild lillies and a large yellow flower, that looked somewhat like a cross between a sunflower and a rose.

"Akash!!" A beautiful blonde girl with bright golden eyes ran at me, her arms embracing me in a tight, almost unbearable hug. "Why are you here now?" She looked at me. "Wow! You must be confused!" She giggled. "Im Arev...your sister." She smiled.

"And I've officially lost my mind." I muttered.

"Enjoy it. This is your world!" She laughed.

"Our world, sister." It was Cynthia. She was beautiful with raven hair, and peircing green eyes. "Listen to me brother," she said, looking into my eyes, "believe it if you wish, or don't thats up to you, really, but you are a iing, of this ralm. As you sleep, you're spirit comes here. It is our world. You fight for it. I am the Moon Queen, she is the Sun Queen, and you are the Sky King." I nodded.

You know there are thoes things you just know are true, things you cant place, this was one of them. I knew her, and I knew this world.

"You've come here, because you are week." She said. "You let the darkness take you, so I brought you back."

"She's the leader, holds all the cool power stuff." Arev whispered. Hear me and hear me well. You will stay here for a day, that day will be a week to an hour in you realm. I will teach you stength, with exersices. Relax for now. It will begin soon, brother." There was affecxtion in her voice, the cold, fatal slice had died away, there was a heart, no matter how cold, and I could feel it in her.


The End

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