Back to Life

A short story that I thought up when listening to 'bring me to life' by EvanEscence.

The moonlight lit up graveyard where my my dead body lay against a tree. My blue eyes had faded to grey, and were still looking out lifelessly. The healthy skin that once covered my body had began to rott, and now looked like ash. My once beautiful face was masked in gistening red blood.

Pan slowly walked to my body and crouched in front of me. His eyes burned a furious amber. He looked at me, emotionlessly. I felt him look into my soul-less body. He saw how empty I was, I was dead without his love.  

Bring me to life. My voice echoed through his head. He thought it was imanigation, but it was me telling him he had the power. Bring me to life.

Pan stood and turned, but didn't walk away. Don't leave me here. He sighed, turning back. Icy tears trickled from his eyes as he looked at me again. He frowned, cursed at himself, and dugg his nails deep into his palm.

"She's dead." He told himself. This time he closed him eyes, turned and ran away. My last memory of life was a shinning tear rolling down my cheek.

The End

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