December 21, 2012 - First Contact

This is book one of a four book story
When aliens attack Earth seeking to drain its resources, Earth's nations are forced to use their arsenal of nuclear weapons to end the invasion. This proved disastrous for Earth's ecosystem forcing humans to abandon the planet to space.

This story really begins on December 21 2012, a day that was once thought of as Doomsday. The Mayans noted this day on their calendar and others prophesied about it and many people thought that it meant the End of the World. Obviously, the world didn't end on that day but ironically, the events that took place on that day was the beginning of the end of planet Earth.

At 5PM GMT on that day, scientists from the Radio Signal Observation Laboratory in Colorado, USA, detected a radio signal originating from a nearby star that lasted 24 seconds. This signal caused the core of the Earth to send another signal towards the star. 

It took scientists 3 months with the help of 18 supercomputers trying 17  quadrillion decoding algorithms to decode the signal from space and earths response to that signal. The first signal was a scanning wave sent by an alien species that call themselves 'The Votecs'. This wave apparently activated a machine that was planted in Earth's core in the moments of its creation. This machine sent back a signal that told the Votecs that Earth had useful resources that they could extract and intelligent lifeforms that they could enslave.

Of course, most of Earth's population knew nothing about this except for the scientists and world leaders who were all sworn to secrecy.

In a project code named 'Project SHIELD', world leaders pooled their resources and gathered the best scientists to begin construction of  'The Core', which was a complex designed to restore life on Earth in the event of the catastrophic destruction of Earth's ecosystem. The best people that had the best genetic traits were hand picked by the scientists and placed in cryosleep inside the core. A seed or shoot of every plant on earth was frozen and stored inside the core. DNA samples of every animal on earth were collected and stored Inside the core. Machines capable of restoring earths atmosphere and oceans were built. The scientists also built large evacuation spacecrafts capable of faster than light travel that were able to evacuate everyone on Earth. The final part of Project SHIELD was the construction of the Global Defence Network. This was a network of satellites  that was capable of protecting the Earth from the Votecs. The satellite network also inhibited space time manipulation, preventing faster than light travel in the vicinity of Earth.

Though Project SHIELD was perfect and foolproof, it begun too late. Before the GDN could be brought online, the Votecs made their attack. As ships the size of cities descended to Earth bringing death lasers with them, world leaders had no choice but to use their nuclear weapons. The attack was averted but the nations destroyed the world they were trying to protect. As nuclear fallout rained upon Earth and radiation levels increased, Earth's population fled to its escape ships. 

Meanwhile, the Votecs who were never defeated before, were amassing its forces in preparation for annihialating all humans. The humans won the battle, but the war had just begun.

The End

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