Zombie Kong

The camera zooms in on the television set and then somehow passes through the set and into the picture, becoming the camera from the news crew that's watching the scene it's all done with smoke and mirrors, ahahaha and now focusing on the Slayer as it ascends the news building.  Its feet gouge holes in the sides of the building, each step sending showers of glass sparkling into the early morning sunlight wait, what time is it now?  How many days have passed since this started?.  Its hands paws punch into the sides of the building to help it clamber up.

As the Slayer Zombie Kong! struggles up the building, Simpsonkins glares around him malevolently, his barbed whip swinging menacingly where did that come from?  And what happened to Jerrald and the dad scientist?  He seems to be looking for something else to whip or kill.  He turns slightly, looking for something looks like the police-fodder have missed their cue then and catches sight of little Becky-Anne lurching into the scene.  His eyes glitter evilly, and he raises his whip-hand high above his head.

A police-officer, female, tight curly hair, definitely a bit mumsy, throws herself headlong at little Becky-Anne she used to play rugby at university and knocks her out of the path of the whip, which lashes against the ground with an odd sizzle the sound effects team got bored at this point and tried to see how many kitchen sounds they could work in to the scene.  Becky-Anne clings to her would-be rescuer, and with all the gratitude my daughter shows me bites hard into the police-officer's neck.  Blood fountains upwards, Becky-Anne drops off, and Simpsonkins's whip strikes the police-fodder completing the decapitation.  The head bounces across the tarmac with a sound like someone dropping lemons onto a kitchen counter.

The Slayer has clumsily reached the top of the building now, and is moaning wordlessly and waving a clawed paw about perhaps it wants permission to go to the bathroom?.  The police fodder streams onto the street heading towards Simpsonkins and his amazing whip, while Becky-Anne's eyes roll back in her head, her mouth drops slackly open and she lurches at any police fodder in range after this was made the director admitted that she'd had an epileptic fit at this point but it was too appropriate to stop filming and help her.

Probably because it's obvious that Simpsonkins will win this battle the dad-scientist suddenly races on to the scene, blue hair sprouting wildly in all directions, and a manic laugh bubbling over in his throat.  In one hand he's waving a samurai sword, and in the other a cattle prod the script notes say magic wand, but apparantly that was too camp.  The camera cuts to Jerrald pushing open the doors to the news building, walking across the lobby, and pushing the button for the elevator.

The elevator pings, and the door opens...

The End

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