Becky - Anne's revenge

The  spotlight pans the hole in the floor.  Of course it does, the cameraman is too drunk to hold it still.  Sweet little Becky - Anne's head and shoulders pop up out of the hole. She scrabbles at the floor, trying to climb up, screaming and crying. Actually, she's the producer's 8 year old daughter, and she just found out that the other kid is getting paid, and she isn't

Debris comes flying up through the hole with the sounds of loud cursing and the breaking of furniture. Actually, it's the director looking for his cigarettes in the throes of a nicotine fit. Becky - Anne is pulled back down the hole. Of course she is. She was grabbing stuff and throwing it back down at the director.

Scary music swells and subsides as screams and chewing sounds are heard coming from the hole.  The producer needs to keep the tiny bored audience amused while he bribes Becky - Anne with a new doll so that she'll sit still for make up.

Eventually Becky Anne climbs back up out of the hole sporting a shiny new pair of gleaming fangs. These flashy numbers are complete with the blood and gore of her latest victim. Actually, her father, the producer put the plastic teeth in with denture glue because he was too cheap to use proper stage adhesive. She had to leave them in when she had a hamburger complete with ketchup for lunch.

She crawls across the floor and starts chewing on  her brother's arm.  He's supposed to be screaming, but he's laughing his head off because her acting is so bad. This makes her mad, so she kicks him in the shin. Then he really is screaming. It's probably the only believable acting he's done since he came on the set.


The End

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