Madness in a Cave

     Simpsonkins' scream is bloodcurling, terrifying, and eerily frightful of course, and way too similar to the eleven other screams so far, and rips into the darkness like a chainsaw into blackened, rotten wood.
     Jerrald looks up and above Rex's twitching body, where the sky is filled with the mad flapping of a million bats which are really just a dozen, but filmed with a herky-jerky hand-held camera and intercut so that it seems like a creepy cloud of malevolence.
      "I hate bats," mumbles Jerrald, and we really should have set that up with a flashback to a scene of a bat caught in his terrified younger sister's hair when he was only two or three years old, falling to the ground. As he sobs in fear, he unknowingly inhales a slimy, fluorescent salamander with white eyes.
      Jarred coughs,chokes, and passes out while the air around him resonates with Simpsonkins' screams, panicked Japanese, the dog's death rattle which sound like marbles rolling in syrup, and the flapping of two million leathery wings.
      The cave flashes with a brilliant light which glows for a long and painful fifteen seconds so that we can make the 87-minute film requirement, and Jarred slowly rises in an eerie outline and then morphs into a human salamander. He opens his white eyes, and sees only the scientist with hair like blue flames, very briefly, so that nobody notices it's only coloured gelatin.
      "It's time to die," cackles the white-smocked scientist evilly, since there's no other way to cackle. From behind his back, he brings forth a glistening roundish shape.
      "You're going to kill me with a fish bowl?" asks Jerrald salamanderly. Geez, we need better props.
      "I was talking," cackles the scientist, pointing to Jerrald's left. "To him."
      Jerrald turns in slow salamandery motion and gasps at the sight of a hulking, slimy beast with yellow pus bubbling from every pore, or in orange bubble-wrap, whatever we can afford.
      "I am The Slayer," it says slowly in a deep, echoing voice that the sound techs tweak.
     "And I, Jarred" says the white-smocked scientist with blue spiked hair, "Am your father."

The End

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