Mad Scientist


The ninjas do cartwheels over the narrow bridge, pick up Jerald, and bring him to the mad scientist. You'd be mad too if your hair grew in blue.  "You're not behaving the way a victim is supposed to behave," He told Jerald. "How are victims supposed to behave?" Jerald asked, needlessly. "They're supposed to die", said the irked scientist. Irked being a tone down from mad.

Simpsonkins rises from the lava lake, no longer human, but  a monster made of cold black lava stone. So now he's a stone cold killer, puleeeeease!   Rex wanders over, lifts his leg and pees on what he thinks is a petrified tree. Simpsonkins grabs Rex, holds him in the air, and proceeds to strangle him. Alas poor Rex, I knew him well.  This scares the s--t out of Rex, so that's what he does, right on the former butler's head!


The End

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