A Timely Arrival

As the ax reached its zenith a sudden rustling sound that originated in the bushes behind Jerald caused the ax-murderer to pause. He cocked his head to one side and squinted his eyes as he attempted to make out the cause of the disturbance.

In the blink of an eye a snarling blur of legs, fur and teeth emerged from the bushes, leapt over Jerald's sprawled body and slammed into the ax-murderer. The ax was sent flying backwards as he stumbled back in shock.

"Rex!" Jerald cried in pained delight when he recognized his faithful dog.

"Hello Jerald," Rex replied over his shoulder before he returned to growling and barking at his master's would-be killers.

"You... you can talk?" Jerald whispered hoarsely. "That's... why, that's just absurd!"

"Is it really? More absurd than my arriving here, in the middle of a woods I've never seen before, just in time to save your life?"

"Well, I was getting along alright," he said in a bit of a tiff. "You probably just wanted to make sure I fed you an extra treat tonight."

"Sorry to interrupt," Simpsonkins interrupted unapologetically, "but we were sort of in the middle of something here."

"Oh, right," Jerald replied a bit more sheepishly than he ought to, considering the aforementioned something was in fact his murder. "Shall I make a break for it then?"

"Please do," Rex growled.

"Please don't," the butler and ax-murderer said at the same time.

"Sorry lads, looks like I'm off again."

Jerald, taking advantage of the brief reprieve, scrambled to his feet and lurched into a stumbling run without a second thought for his poodle's well-being.

"Here we go again," the ax-murderer muttered as he collected his weapon of choice. With a final warning bark, Rex turned and raced after his fleeing master.

"The chase is on, jolly good!" Simpsonkins declared as he began walking regally after his prey.

The End

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