More than 50 ShadesMature

He doesn't know what it's like to be successful, but he knows what he wants. He didn't want a new girl, but then he met her. His dark past now clouds his bright future. He is more afraid he will lose another one.

Everyone would stop. They would stop breathing, blinking and just stare. He was gorgeous, but rough around the edges so it peeked everyone's interest. I was walking past when I saw him. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew him though. He was a senior at my high school when I was freshman. I was eager to talk to him as he was beautiful, but he was out of my league and I would most likely just be a kid to him even though I was 18 years old. Approaching him was hard which was strange to me because I've met celebrities from Drake to the president. I grasped at trying to remember his name as it was years ago when he was at my school. As he fixed his flat billed hat, it came to me with his red orange hair sticking out that everyone used to call him simply Red. As I look at him I remember his high school days as a senior basketball player. He hadn't lost his shape as I could his muscles peering out of his shirt that seemed all too big for him as most guys like him liked to wear. Red was the kind of boy who was all too quiet to be that good looking, but he was so different looking that it was hard to take your eyes away from him even though he never even spoke two words. He was like a painting in which every freckle across his light skinned face was drops of perfectly placed paint and his green eyes were the strokes of an artist's brilliance. The aisle of the store seemed to be stretching on forever as I got closer to him. He was the phone, but it wasn't going to stop me.  

The End

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