Tranmission Three

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I managed to drive back to HQ, all in one part thank primus. I lock up my bike, thanks to Wheeljack cloak devise so no can see it now. I limb back into the station, sit back down at my desk to send the sample of to Elite Guard Command.


"Ok, let’s check messages"


The P.C says I have five messages, one form Jazzy, one form Cliffjumper, one Optimus, one form Jazz and one form my old Ironhide. I open the first, thankful Jazzy is still online.


Jazzy on P.C: Sky my friend, you ok?

"Yea I guess"

Jazzy on P.C: I'm so glad


Jazzy on P.C: Sential been given me hassle about you

"Oh why?"

Jazzy on P.C: Oh about, you sure she can be trusted?

"Is this because, I went off on a mission by myself?"

Jazzy on P.C: Yes


Jazzy on P.C: You haven’t been thinking of it again have you?

"Its was my fault Jazzy"

Jazzy on P.C: Hey, not it wasn't

"But if I had switch places with Blurr, for that one mission."

Jazzy on P.C: He would have thought the same as you know

"True, but I can't stop blaming myself"

Jazzy on P.C: Well, please do not blame yourself. It’s not your fault


Jazzy on P.C: Well I better be off, got my first meeting with the council now

"Good Luck"

Jazzy on P.C: Thanks

(End Call)


Chris and Ray come up to my desk, pull up a chair. I switch off my P.C and check my weapons are there. Start to clean my wounds as best as I can.


"Hey guys"

"You got time to talk?"

"Yea, sure."

"Well Ray and I want to know you better"



"Ok then, I guesses I can trust you"


"Something’s about me, I can only tell people if I trust them"



I switch on my P.C again. Show my Elite Guard badge.


"Where do you want to start?"

"Erm, what your favourite colour?"


"What’s your favourite flower?"


"What do you look for in a guy?"

"He has to be strong, compassioned, and strong willed"


"What else?"

"Hmm...He’s got to like fast cars, motorcycle and girls with a mystery about them"

"Like you?"

"Oh yes"

"Do you like to dance?"

"Yes, romantic dancing"

"Which season do you like?"

"Spring and winter"



My P.C bleeps, I look its Elite Guard symbol. Something wrong...No can't be.


"Hang on guys, incoming call"

"Can we see?"

"Ok then"


I turn the P.C round, so we can all see. Its Jazz, Wheeljack and Ironhide.


"Guys what’s wrong?"

Jazz on P.C: Erm...the chemical symbol you sent off


Wheeljack on P.C: Well, its is linked to Cosmic Rust

"Oh Primus"

Ironhide on P.C: We believe that your main suspect in the trail of Blurr death is?


Jazz on P.C: Spittor Thing


Wheeljack on P.C: On the plus side, you've been given the honour of Head of


Ironhide on P.C: Commander bad bit is, Sential is charge of you again

"Well no guessing that"

Jazz on P.C: He’s doing our heads in.


Jazz/Ironhide/Wheeljack on P.C: Well got to go Cya


(End Call)


I pause for a minute, think to myself. Chris begins to ask.


"What were they talking about?"

"My brother, Blurr. Was murdered last week"

"What for?"

"Because he found out that our head of Intel Longarm Prime was actually a traitor"

"How come?"

"Because Longarm was a Decepticon called Shockwave"

"Oh, so if you do not mind me asking how did he murder your brother?"

"Squashed him in the room, with the walls impacting on his body"


"The only remains of him is a cube"


"I feel terrible, because he was doing my mission until I got a call to do another"

"Oh, well what does your friend say?"

"She says it’s not my fault"

"Well forget about it"

"I try"


Just thinking to myself, maybe Jazzy and Chris are right. Maybe I should forget about it and find the killer and put things right.


"So if you have Superior officer, who in charge of him?"

"Who’s in charge of old Sential, will now it would Ultra Jazzy, Ultra Magnus child"

"Is she your friend?"

"Yep, then I have two others Silvershot and Airblast"

"Both flyers?"

"Yeah, left wing and right wing"

"Who’s fastest in your squad?"

"Looking at her"


"My brother was the fastest on land; I was the same in the air"



Then caught him looking at me again, I giggled and blushed red. Ray picked up on it.


"You like the Gov don't you?"

"Oh very much"

"What would say if he asked you out?"

"Yes Yes and Yes"

"Oh okay"

"He’s ticks my boxes anytime"



Sential calls on P.C, I grumble. Then answer it.



Sential on P.C: Morning little one

"Grr. I’m not that small"

Sential on P.C: How’s it going?


Sential on P.C: Remember

"I know"

Sential on P.C: I mean it

"Yea yeah"

Sential on P.C: Wheeljack, going to send a fixing agent to help the healing


Sential on P.C: I'm also sending the Twins to check on you too

"My prime students"

Sential on P.C: Over and Out



Chris and Ray look at each other, and then the question comes out...


"Was that your officer?"

"Yes it was Chris"

"Big Chin he has"

"Huge isn't it"

"Well, thanks. Speak to you soon"



Chris walks into the Gov's office.




Gene is sitting there, waiting....Chris and Ray walks in.



"She would go out with you if you asked"

"What does she like Chris?"

"She’s like Blue Roses, Romantic Dancing and everything about you"


"There’s a chance"

"Well what do you say?"

"Ask her if she wants to go on date"


"I do not know, maybe tomorrow or Thursday"



End Transmission....


The End

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