Transmission Two

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As Blackout looked at me straight in the optics, I could feel anger not due to the fact that it was the Decepticons who have destroy my family. I just the pain in my spark for it was only a week ago that Shockwave A.k.a Longarm Prime killed my brother Blurr and there is no proof brought to my attention that Bumblebee is my brother also.

"Scared yet Autobot?"

Nothing but then idea hit me, loud, clear. Ice Storm...

"Oil Slick, I do not fear you. I'm more angered by you and lousy Decepticreeps!"
"Aww why? Hmm is it because Shockwave killed your brother! Megatorn..."
"Don't you dare say it?"
"Yes Megaton, use his fusion cannon on your mother and tore apart your father"

I placed my Icy Ray Guns back in, reach for my sword. Always glancing at him, my spark races again...I feel anger but at the same time passion. Cruel, Cruel Fate!

"Icy Ones at that!"
"Things are never impossible"

I jumped into mid air and sliced at Blackout, he fought back slowly. He throws me off and I landed on a building first sticking then crashing down into the pavement. Ouch the pain was unbearably. But I’m the only defence of this city with backup I must continue.

"Give up?"
"Foolish Autobot!"
"As long as there, a bit of strength left in me I will always fight!"
"Blackout, stomp here into the ground!"
"Blackout Crush tiny Autobot!"

I managed to pull myself, to be only crushed underneath Blackout's massive foot again. . I managed to freeze his foot, and escape just in time...Then luck was given. Oil Slick and Blackout got a call form "him" Megatorn...To return home.

"Thank Primus"

I pulled myself up, grab my sword. Started to walk off... Then I could hear clapping, everyone was clapping. That was a sign for me that I have impressed some people.

"Ok, Sky pull yourself together" I thought...

Then one of D.S.I Hunts, "friends" or "Co parents" came over, he shocked my hand and I smiled back. I was in pain at this stage, no Cybertorn First Aider in sight.

"What your name again?"
"My name is Chris"
"Please to meet you Chris"
"Same to you, you were amazing out there"
"But...I didn't mange to arrest him?"
"Doesn’t matter, you mange to save the city form harm"
"Is that why you were clapping?"
"Ok, now I understand"
"You have earned my respect"
"Thanks friend"
"No Problem, do you want to help you?"
"No I'm alright."
"You sure?"

I walked over with Chris, to D.S.I Hunt and another one of his friends or officer I don't which one but...I begin to feel a tiny bit of hope inside me growing. Second man, shock my hand also. I could tell he had some military background or affections.

"Name is Ray"
"Nice to meet you Ray"
"Didn't get your name the last time?"
"SkyRockit, but my friends call me Sky"
"Ok Sky"
"You have been in the military Ray?"
"I'm a special sector the arm forces in my home"
"Such as?"
"Air Force"
"Cool, how long?"
"Five Years to the Current Day"
"How many men under you?"
"Cool, who are you under"
"My superior officer is named Sential Prime..."
"What’s he like?"
"Err...Stuck up, grumpy, no messing, No fun sort of"
"Yeah, but I get off. Because our big boss who’s in charge of us all. Because"
"I'm his daughter’s best friend, best partner of choice on missions"
"So you must get off with a lot?"
"Not really, I hardly mess around if you get me?"
"No funny games?"
"Some because Sential always watching over me"
"Doesn't he trust you?"
"To some degree no, because my of nature"
"Which is?"
"Playful and Free Minded but focused"
"Do you drive?"
"No the Gov does it"
"Yea in the Quattro"
"Nice bit of kit"
"I like things on two wheels"
"Well see you back HQ, Gov wants us to go"
"Cya back there, Ray. Cya back there Chris"

As they drove back, I found myself saying you managed to gain the respect of two of his friends now there is him. I take a long sigh of relief and limp back to my motorcycle. Feeling somewhat at home in this world has made feel strange in a kind of way.

Jazz on Headphones rings...
Jazz on Headphones: Thank God, we lost we've lost you
"Im alright Jazz"
Jazz on Headphones: Found anything unusual?
"Yea, chemicals"
Jazz on Headphones: Such as?
"That make up, Cosmic Rust"
Jazz on Headphones: Hmm interesting, send a sample off
"Then get Wheeljack to analysis it"
Jazz on Headphones: Good idea
"What about Jazzy is she ok?"
Jazz on Headphones: She ok, bit stressed
"Blame her?"
Jazz on Headphones: No not really.
"Well got to go Jazz"
Jazz on Headphones: Okay Cya later friend
(Jazz puts phone off)

I hop on my motorcycle, put my helmet on. Drive back, thinking success in some ways I have respect and friendship in some ways.


Ray and Chris are talking, about my lastest battle with the Decepticon known as Blackout.

"Did you see her in action?"
"Yea, she has impressive strenght"
"I think she impressive the Gov"
"I think hes been madly fixed on her, since she step though our door"
"You mean in love with her?"
"Yea, he doesn't say anything to her, but stares at her"

D.S.I Hunt, comes into the room and walks around. Chris and Ray look at each then shout "Gov whats wrong?" He ingnores them, walks back into his office and waits.

"I'll go in?"
"Ok then Chris"

Chris knocks on his doors, loud reply shouts Come in. Chris looks at Gov.

"Chris, do you think you can talk to her and find out what she likes?"
"So you do fancy her?"
"Yea, but I dunno how to get her"
"You could have any women but why her?"
"Becuase she is like me in a round about way"
"Oh okay Gov, when she comes in then."
"You and Ray to do it together so it doesn't look strange"

Chris walks out and tells Ray the plan.

End Transmission Two....
The End

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