Back in Time

Set in year ??? furture. On a distance planet named Cybertorn. An Elite Guard Officer named SkyRockit, was asigned a mission to time travel to stop the evil Megatorn.

New Mission.....New Day.......New Chance

Mission: To gather infomation on organics in the 80's
Object: Infomation Gathering, to protect organics form Decepticons up rasings.
Autobots Near: Optimus Prime and His Crew
Time Period: 80's
Mission assign to: SkyRockit Prime
Orangic Disguise: Human, Female, Special Agent


I open my optics, I look around. And see the amazing flashing lights of the sirens of police vechicles. Inside..One of them: Him. I dunno his name but....Wow!

Jazzy rings: Sky?
Jazzy on headphone: Wo...Wheeljack will be impressed
Jazzy on headphone: Okay, down to business, weapons?
"Err...Ice Swords, Ice Charges, Daggers, erm...."
Jazzy on headphone: (checks Pc) Have you got your Ice Plushers?
"Yes thanks"
Jazzy on headphone: Got your vechicle?
"Motorcycle! AWSOME!"
Jazzy on headphone: I choice it for you
"Thank You, Thank You"
Jazzy on headphone: Welcome, got to go bye (goes off)

I hope on my flash, black motorcycle. Yeay! It has the Elite Guard Sympol on it... Turbo too! Omg! Jazzy your the best!  I start its engine,  and begin to look for the Police Station in which Im station at...

"Hmm this must be it?"
Voice: SkyRockit Prime?
Unamed Police Segant: Please come in
"Okay, hang on" (locks bike up)

I walk in with the Sergant, look around the place. Pretty Impressive for a Orangic Sercuity Force...Then I see him again, Sential can get lost! No religonships with Orangics that alot of slag!

Unnamed Police Segant: So what do you think of it?
"Impressive, very"
Unnamed Police Segant: Your secand in command, under D.C.I Gene Hunt
Unnamed Police Segant: I leave now, so you can sorted

I looked for my desk, next to his. I start to go red until the phoneset goes again. everyone looks...Scary me now so I Answer it.

"Hello, Sky here"
Jazz on Headphones: SKY! You made it!
"Hello my favourite Ninja"
Jazz on Headphones: So did you see him?
Jazz on Headphones: D.S.I Gene Hunt, he must be Good?
"No clue yet, remember I just walked in the place"
Jazz on Headphones: Okay sorry my bad, Sential walking about the place again
"Anyoing people again?"
Jazz on Headphones: Yea
"Is Ultra Mangus ok?"
Jazz on Headphones: Hes recovering fine yes
"Jazzy in control of things?"
Jazz on headphones: Of Course
"Okay, got to go bye"
Jazz on headphones: Bye
"Bye" (Ended Call)

I get out the case, containing my weapons, statis cuffs, erm.. what else? Oh yes a containing a storage devise for any all spark fragments in. I get nerves again, shack voilently with him looking at me again. Do I look that bad?

"Statis Cuffs check"

Suddenly the sercuity system, pick up an engery sigture: Oil Slick! Big, Mean and Dangours. Ok, so I think fast, put my helmet on. Grab my Icy Charges Guns. And head off. He follows...Oh I think he likes me (Happy Face)

"Oil Slick, you coward!"
"Just remember Autobot, me bigger than you"
"You remeber Decpticreep, Ice wins over fire"
"You make me laugh, foolish Autobot"
"You put half of my friends in the medic bay!"
"Haha! Easy Targets"

I get pent up, my hand grabs my guns. I aim at him! Oil Slick laughs get louder and then suddenly Blackout. Im in trouble. But Their your enemey Sky repeats in my head. Then I see D.C.I Hunt again, my heart races now is my time to show what am made of.

"Freedom is the right for all sedient begins!"
"Thats a laugh a minute, so many Autobots use it"
"We're the ones, protecting life not destorying it!"
"Fleshings, do not have the right to life!"
"They have a choice!"
"Then you shall die along side them then"

Blackout storms towards me, I stand my ground constantly, wishing a had inner strengh at this moment. But...Nope. So here I GO! I fire constant blast of ice at the gaints feet, actives my plushes into his tiny head he falls down.

"Blackout you foul get back up"
"Me have headache"
"Scared Oil Slick!"
"Blackout, ready now!"
"Oh slag"

I roll out of the way, as the huge gaint throws a lorry at me, So like my old master Yoketorn used to say. "Mind over Matter" I use the techinque, and forcus really hard on the Lorry stops in mid air. Blackout, Oil Slick and Everyone around me gasp at the pure seight.

"Mind Over Matter!"
"The old trick"
"You fogert Oil Slick, Five years goes along away!"
"Shame you failed it though!"

I mange to throw the lorry back out Blackout, whist protecting the organics around me.

End Trasmission: Part One

The End

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