Back in the Saddle - 3Mature

Turok, you old dog, how's it swinging?” I hugged him then sat on the corner of his desk. I was back in my normal attire, black leather corset and shorts with my tall black boots and accessorized like any good Brutor woman, with lots of knives and weapons at my waist. Leaning towards Turok I made sure he had a good view of my thighs and cleavage.

Willa, you're a sight for old eyes.”

Do you have a job for me or were you lieing, just to get me in here so you could stare at me?”

Sure I have a job for you. Those Angels are still over in Gyng raising hell. You are welcome to them.”

What's the pay?”

Million two with bonus, and you can keep the bounties on the ones you kill.”

What's it going to do for my sec-status? I'm really interested in meeting that guy we discussed.”

Standard .05 increase, by the looks of your file it would only take you a week to get the standings you need for clearance.”

A week? I don't want to waste a week grinding missions for you, just to talk to this guy.”

That is what it will take, sorry Willa.”

Then I want more money, you can do that, I know you can.”

Sure I can.” Turok paused looking me over. I knew what he wanted and didn't have the nerve to ask for. He really was a spineless wanker, for being a big Brutor. I got down on my knees next to him and put my hands together and pretended to beg.

Please Turok, add another 500 thousand to it, don't make me blow you for it.” I laughed.

Turok was looking at me laughing at the joke; then suddenly stopped and went pale. He was looking toward the door, I couldn't see who was standing there, but had a pretty good idea.

Rocking back on my heels to see around the tall desk I saw; leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest and a menacing glare that would melt 800mm tungsten armor plates was Ducky, looking at Turok.

Hey Duck,” I said cheerfully. “This is Turok my agent, we were just talking about a mission to Gyng to take out some Angels.”

I heard, I know Turok, how have you been?” Duckeye retorted, still glaring at him.

Fine, and you Duck,” Turok stammered.

Peachy,” Duckeye replied with a sadistic smile. “We go back a long way, old Turok and I.”

Really?” I never expected Ducky to tell me who he knew, he never told me much about himself. I had expected Turok would have said something, if he thought it would help get information from me.

Sure, we both did a short stint on the same battle cruiser, didn't we Turok?” Duck said staring icily at the silent agent. “Should have heard the stories he would tell, you'd think there wasn't a virgin left in the system when he was done with shore leave. His tastes run a little young, even for me. How old was she? The one that ended your navy career, Turok, ten or was she all of eleven?” Duckeye goaded Turok, whose face was now red with rage.

Duck, you are a one to talk. As I recall, you have a thing for the unwilling.” said Turok.

True, you think Willa doesn't know that. I also don't brag about it.” Ducky grinned at me. I chuckled thinking about our last victim. Turok stared down at me with a look of shock. “Turok, don't misunderstand, she isn't a sub.”

Ducky, I was trying to get some extra credits and a standings bump out of him. I'm sure he would give me the information you want if I fucked him. It would save us the hassle of flying to Gyng to take out the Angels, and less messy than slowly slicing him into little pieces. What do you think?”

Fine by me, I'll watch; five-hundred thousand is on the low side, Willa. Tell you what Turok, make it ten-million and the standings bump she needs to contact Arsten and I won't kill you, if you don't enjoy it. Deal?” Ducky smiled, rolled his head popping his neck and closed the door.

Panic covered the agents face, it was priceless. I don't often see the look of panic on our victims when they get caught between us. I spun his chair around so he was facing me and ran my hands up his thighs, he jumped at my touch as if it was a stun baton.

Relax Turok, I'm not going to bite... too hard.”

Ah wait, no.” Turok pushed my hands away.

No? You have been mentally undressing me for months. What's wrong, shy about Ducky watching?” I grinned and winked at the sweating agent. I could see he was trying to figure a way out of this trap as he looked from me to Ducky and back. I climbed onto Turok's lap facing him, straddling his thighs with my-own and slowly started to unbuckle my corset. “I think all you need is a little motivation.”


The End

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