Back in the Saddle - 2Mature

Forty-eight hours later my Jovian shuttle landed in the docking bay of the nidhoggur. Jaxx hadn't lied, it was the fasted shuttle trip I had ever taken. I arrived in less than half the time it would have taken in a standard shuttle.

Stepping out of the pod I looked around at the crew and technicians that were helping me out of my pod. There were many strange and some I reconized from Ducky's various bases. The one face I wanted to see wasn't here. The first mate stepped forward and greeted me.

Captain Murdoc, welcome aboard 'Oblivion'.”

Where is he?”

Captain, can you follow me, please,”

Of course, can I put something on first?” The first mate nodded at a tech standing next to me and he took off his lab coat and handed it to me. “Thanks”

I was struggling to get it on with all the sticky pod goo covering my skin, as I tried to keep up with the first mate as he briskly walked toward the exit.

Lieutenant stop! You didn't answer my question, where is Duckeye?”

The officer stopped and waited for me to catch up. “I am taking you to him now.”

Is he alright, he didn't have a relapse did he?”

No ma'am, but he isn't well, and I am afraid that you are the only one that can cure him this time.” He lead me through the ship to the tactical command center. On either side of the door was a technician with a cutting torch, both snapped to attention as we approached.

What the hell is going on here?” I looked at the first mate.

Captain Murdoc, I am requesting that you take command of this ship,” the first mate said, standing at attention in front of me.

Why? What is going on?”

Captain Duckeye locked himself in there two days ago, after firing several round at a crewman that was delivering food.”

What the hell? Why hasn't this door been opened?

Frankly ma'am, we all feel safer with him locked inside. Additionally, if anyone other than you ordered for this door be cut open they would most likely be shot.”

Hell yes, I will take command of this ship. Now cut that fucking door down and clear this section. I want a medical team stationed at the end of this corridor, no one is to be any closer than that. Understood Lieutenant?”

Aye ma'am.”

As for ship's operation you will have to handle that commander. I don't know the first thing about carriers.”

Yes ma'am,” the first mate saluted then began barking out orders to the crew and technicians. In a matter of minutes the door was cut free and the corridor evacuated with the medical team standing by several meters away.

I braced herself for the worst and entered the tactical command center. Stepping over the tray of rotten food that no doubt had held the last meal that was brought to him. Looking around the room there was no sign of him, what I did see was huge pictures of myself on the tactical display. It was overwhelming to see a four-meter tall picture of myself, smiling down at me. Slowly I walked around the command array, fascinated by the collection of pictures he had arranged up there. I was so focused on the display, I tripped over him laying on the floor on the far side of the array.

My attend snapped to him, leaning down I checked to see if he was breathing, and discovered the reason he was on the floor. He may not have had any food, but had managed to get a hold of booze. Checking his pulse I was relieved that he was still alive. Standing up I turned off the huge screen and called for the medical team to enter the room.

Take him to his cabin, tell cook to deliver a big meal and I want it there in an hour. If he tries to leave tie him up, tell him it's Captain's orders.”

The medics put Duckeye on a gurney and rushed him down the corridor, as instructed. After they left, I turned on the huge screen full of holo-images of me and gazed at them for several minutes before turning it off. Stepping past the still smoking door, I was met by a yeoman. She had been sent to guide me to quarter where I clean up and get dressed.

After a good shower and a small bite to eat, the yeoman assigned to me escorted me to the bridge. I wanted to make a good impression on the crew so instead of my normal black corset and shorts, I had chosen to wear my uniform. I had it made for dress occasions, when we started taking on recruits. I hadn't worn it before, but I did look good in the black tailored suit with gold braids at the shoulder and gold buttons down the front. The short skirt and knee high boots kept me from feeling to uncomfortable in the outfit. Instead of my normal war braids, I had put my hair up in a tight bun at the base of neck. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but laugh at my own image. I looked just like one of those strung too tight navy bitches.

Captain on the bridge,” the yeoman announced snapping to attention and saluting me when we arrived. Following the lead of the yeoman the rest of the bridge crew stood by their stations and saluted. Formally I saluted back and they returned to their duties. I doubt that this level of formality was normal on Ducky's ships and was solely for my benefit.

Commander, since I am in charge of this ship, I want a full inspection tour, how long will that take?” I asked the first mate.

Ma'am, four hours,” He gave me a look that let me know he was wondering if I had gone off my nut too.

Very good, lead the way.”

I intentionally walked slower than normal and requested to see every part of the ship. Doing a few surprise cabin inspection on random crew quarters, I was able to issue several verbal reprimands to the crew for minor infractions. We even caught a pair of technicians having sex in the cargo bay of a destroyer. I confined the technicians to quarters together, and told them to keep it out of the hanger. The inspection was stretched to six hours before I was ready to check on Ducky. After commended the first mate on the condition of the ship and crew I asked my yeoman to show me to Duckeye's cabin. Once we arrived I dismissed her and asked the medics standing guard at his door if he had tried to escape. Reporting that he hadn't and seemed to be awake and moving around inside, I also dismissed the medics, “I'll take it from here.”

Duckeye was sitting at a table filled with food eating, when I stepped through the door. He stared at me for a moment in confusion.

Well this is a fine, how-do-you-do I get, after not seeing you for months,” I reached over the table and stole a sandwich from his plate and began eating it.

Hey, that's mine,” he said, snatching the sandwich back.

You know you want to give it to me.”

A sandwich isn't all I want to give you.”

Yeah, well I have a thing or two I want to give you.” I gave him a little grin.

What is that you are wearing? For a minute I thought my old squad commander was back to haunt me.”

You like it? It's my uniform. See, even has the corp logo in the sleeve.”

I don't know, I think I like you better the other way. I hate what you did to your hair.”

What do you think of this?” I took off my jacket and pulled the pins out that held my hair up. Giving it a brisk shake, I let my hair fall free around my shoulders in great red waves. Under the jacket I had a tight black silk tank top, that revealed most of my cleavage.

Oh wow.” He leaned back in his chair and stared at me.


Yarr, So how does it feel to have me back on my feet again,” He looked up at me as he made a new sandwich and took a bite.

Like having a soft warm blanket caressing my naked body.”

Duckeye choked on a mouth full of sandwich. “Damn woman, are you trying to kill me?”

Not yet.” I smiled, there was plenty I wanted to do to him but now wasn't the time. He needed to get back to doing what made him Duckeye and start killing again. This mopey love sick puppy wasn't the man I loved, it was sweet in a way, but I wasn't into sweet. He needed the hunt and the thrill of blood lust once he annihilated his prey. Then he would be back on his feet. “I expected you would be ready to kill someone when I showed up. But no, instead you were taking a nap. When you are ready, I'll be either at the Frarn station banging my agent or in Gyng killing pirates. Either one will get the information you want.”

Wait, what? What agent?” he asked trying to swallow the mouthful of sandwich.

Turok.” I walked out the door. I could hear his cursing through the door before sprinting for the hanger. I didn't want him to catch me. If he was so consumed with me that he would spend two days staring at pictures, but wouldn't ask me to come home, I wasn't going to fall into his arms like some pie-eyed school girl. Back in my shuttle, before taking off, I contacted the first mate on the bridge.

You are back in charge, my last order is to get that damn door fixed and I don't want him to know I was in that command center, understood?”

Yes ma'am, it was a pleasure having you in command even though it was a short tour of duty,” the first mate answered back, “You are clear for take off.”

Thanks.” Signing off as my shuttle launched and I set a course to the Frarn station. I laughed, that should set a fire under his tail.

The End

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