Hearing the address, Delilah made a plan with Curtis and went right to the street the house was on. Pinpointing exactly which house it was, she crept up and hid behind a fence where she could see and hear everything, but not be detected. She saw the men transporting boxes into a van. She knew they were trying to get out of town. She heard them talking and what they said confirmed that they were the killers of the children. Now that she knew for sure, she crept back down the street and pretended to be interested in a house that was for sale. The street was deserted except for the house where the men live. She took out her phone and pretended to be calling the person selling the house, she was really calling Curtis to say she found them and to have him send backup over. Delilah walked behind the house where she would meet the people Curtis was sending over. She sat down on a rickety old bench and waited.

The backup was getting ready and getting their gear on. After that, they went out and hopped into two vehicles and left the agency. Driving down the road as fast as they could without speeding, they discussed the plan that they were going to use. As they drew nearer, they started to prepare for what might happen. They stopped their vehicles a few blocks away from where they were going to meet Delilah. Silently, the ten people jogged over to where Delilah was waiting behind the house and told her what the plan was.

Delilah understood and agreed with the technique that they were going to use. They all crept up and hid behind the fence surrounding the men. They were positioned so that the men they were after couldn't escape. At Delilah's signal, they all jumped up and tried to arrest them. Silas and his men were caught unaware and grabbed some pistols and started firing. All the agent's ducked down, occasionally firing back. After fifteen minutes of fighting, the agents had won with no one wounded. Only a few wounds were in Silas' gang, one in the shoulder and two in the legs. The ones with the wounds died and the agents arrested the remaining five. They took them to prison and reported back to Curtis that the job was done.

Delilah was just glad that it was over and that she had avenged the children's death. She was still sad and lonely that Sarah was gone, though. The agents and Delilah all returned to the agency and celebrated their successful mission. Curtis walked up to Delilah and asked her what she was going to do now that the mission was over. Delilah just looked at him and paused. She smiled and told him that she was going to stay with the agency and help others and serve justice to the ones who needed it. Curtis smiled and welcomed her back on the team, this time permanently.

The End

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