Suspect Found

Delilah decided to investigate where Andy's death had occurred. She walked to the alley and recognized it by the dumpster that she had found Sarah behind. She searched for some clues and found a black glove. That was all she could find. While on her way out, she noticed a small blot of blood. She looked carefully and saw that it was a trail leading to the dumpster. When she reached the dumpster, she saw a small stream of dried blood that ran underneath it. She grabbed the dumpster and with all her strength moved it away so she could see the source. She gasped and stared. The blood had been coming from a dead body. It was Sarah's! Tears slipped down her cheeks and she called Curtis.

After hearing what Delilah had said, Curtis sent some of his men down to retrieve the body and to perform some tests. He comforted Delilah and told her that he would do anything in his power to get to the bottom of this. She had his full support. After hanging up his conversation with Delilah, Curtis called the police chief and asked if he had any evidence. The chief said he did and that the tests had been performed and that it led to Silas Angstrom. That was all he knew. They said goodbye and hung up. Curtis got into his database and tried to see if this man, Silas Angstrom, had a record which they could trace him from. There was one. It stated that Silas had been arrested for drug dealing and murdering someone. It even had his current address. Sure that this was his man, Curtis called Delilah and told her.

The End

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