When Delilah came in sight of the agency, she smiled. Nothing had changed since the last time she had been there. If you didn't know that it was an agency, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it. There were no signs on the dark gray, bleary building. Delilah laughed and jogged up to the rusty, iron gate.

When she reached the gate, she showed her ID to the scanner. Access was granted. The iron gate creaked open and Delilah entered. Once inside the building, she needed to go to the president of the agency. She hoped that everything was just as she left or it would take forever to find his office. She came across the room where it had been before and was relieved to find it was the same.

Delilah entered the man's office. The president, Curtis, looked up and laughed, surprised to see her back. Curtis welcomed her back and asked her what she wanted. Delilah explained the whole story and told him that she wanted to rejoin the agency just for this case. She specified that it was only for this one and then she would be gone again. Curtis chuckled and agreed.

The seven men were just finishing up their meeting. The leader's name was Silas Angstrom. Silas decided what to do with the body. They would hide it where someone wouldn't find it at least until they left. They knew that someone was onto them and they had to get out fast. The men weren't sure whom but they were very worried. They left the room they were in and went to get a truck to haul their stuff and hide the body.

At the police department, the police had found where the man had gotten in. The man had forced open a window. The police officers also found some evidence, a piece of clothing and a sharp dagger. They bagged the evidence and dusted for fingerprints. They didn't find any fingerprints but took the items they found for some tests, After the tests were done, they came up with a name, Silas Angstrom.

The End

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