Shocked, Delilah stood up and left. She went home and sat on her couch, staring at the wall blankly. She couldn't believe what had happened. Sarah had been kidnapped from the police station! Delilah missed the little girl looking up at her with vivid blue eyes framed by long blond hair. They contrasted her own dark eyes and raven black hair. Delilah thought and decided that the only looks they had in common was their pale skin. She sighed and turned on the TV to the news channel. Delilah immediately shut it off when she saw the story of Andy and Sarah including the girl's kidnapping. Delilah went up to her room and took a nap.

Sarah was terrified. The room she was in was pitch black. She started to cry remembering her brother's death. He had been her twin and she missed Andy. Sarah heard a creak and turned to see a door opening. Light from another room framed the tall man. She screamed as the man lifted his arm. He was holding a pistol aimed towards the young child. A shot rang through the air and left Sarah's body lying limp tied to a chair. The man smiled and went to hold a meeting with the others. They had to decide what to do with the body and the plan to skip town. He went off to find the others.

Back at the police department, the chief was worried. A child had been kidnapped from the police! The chief sat there and pondered how it could have happened. They had the best police force in the country. He finally got up and went to get his officers and search the building to see if there were any signs of the break-in.

Delilah was on her way home, walking. Sarah was gone and she missed her terribly. She had to do something. She sat on a park bench and started to think. Delilah decided that the only way she could help was to return to her old job. She used to be a spy and did detective work for a top-secret agency. Instead of going home, she headed for the agency.

The End

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