Back In The Field

The orange glow from the streetlight brightened up the darkness in the alley, revealing silhouettes. There were seven of them surrounding a small child. The child was whimpering from fear. The seven shadows advanced on the little boy. In the leader's hand, something glinted. He came up in front of the kid. The object the man held flashed down towards the young child. The man and the others all looked down upon the child and smiled cruelly down at the little body lying on the cold, damp pavement. The they turned and walked away.

An hour later, a woman was on her way home from work. It was late and she was exhausted. She decided to take a shortcut through the alleys and back ways. She knew that it was dangerous but took her chances. After walking through a few alleys already, she turned onto the one that held the dead little boy's body. She went up to it. There was a knife slash across his chest all the way up to his throat. Then, a noise rang out from a dumpster. The woman was scared but went to check it out. She approached it cautiously. Two little eyes were staring back at her filled with fear. She coaxed the little girl out and told her that her name was Delilah.

The little girl smiled at Delilah and told her that her name was Sarah. Sarah was only 4 years old. Delilah called the police and waited. She comforted Sarah while she told her what happened. The dead little boy was Sarah's brother, Andy. They heard sirens wailing and flashing lights as the police drew nearer and pulled into the alley. They picked up the dead child and had Sarah repeat what happened. The police took Sarah to the station with them. Delilah watched them go and went on her way. She arrived at home and went to sleep for she had had a long day.

In the morning, Delilah woke up early. She ate breakfast and drank coffee and sat down on the couch. Last night's events were still fresh in her mind. She sighed and decided to go visit Sarah. Delilah walked to the police department and entered. She asked the receptionist if she could see Sarah. The receptionist sent her to the chief. She walked into the chief's office and sat down in one of the plush chairs and waited. The chief was sitting at his desk filling out paperwork. He glanced up at Delilah and asked her what she wanted. She said again that she wanted to see Sarah. He paused and looked at her solemnly. He told her that Sarah was missing. They didn't know how it had happened but Sarah had been kidnapped.


The End

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