...there wasn't this obsession with hygiene.

    In my day, people had a bath once a quarter, whether they needed one or not.  The only exception was when they were courting, when they could increase it to once a month.  And there was none of this bath oil, bubble bath or perfumed bath-bomb piffle.  We used cold water and carbolic soap, and that sparingly.  Soap doesn't grow on trees, you know.  And that one bath-full was to last the entire household, with the used bathwater to be used on the garden afterwards.

    Deodorant?  What is wrong with the smell of honest sweat, I ask you?  In my day, the more pungent the smell, the higher the measure of one's worth to the community.  On special occasions, though; weddings; funerals; job interviews, a quick wipe under the arms with a dishrag soaked in turpentine would do the trick. 

    And as for dental hygiene.  Complete waste of time, if you ask me.  In my day, we didn't bother cleaning our teeth, because, what was the point of cleaning them when they're going to fall out eventually?  Teeth are just a nuisance.  Best to pull 'em all out and invest in a decent set of dentures.  Much less trouble.  Just show me one denture-wearer who has been troubled by toothache.  Balance the cost of the false teeth against the hundreds you'll save in dental bills and the cost of toothpaste.  As for the dentures themselves, we just gave them a quick dunk in the washing up water when doing the dishes after eating.    After all, that's when they needed cleaning,

    Speaking of which, using detergent for washing dishes is a recent innovation.  In my day, a good going over with the dog's tongue was all that was required to get the plates sparkling.  And it made the dog happy, to boot.


The End

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