Back in my day...

Grand Dad and Grand Mums, all our cantankerous elders and self-proclaimed betters, we've always heards the phrase Back in my day...

I've always taken these with a pinch of salt, the benefit of hindsight also skewed through rose-tinted glasses to be visions of some latter day utopia, where there was nothing but hard work and everyone loved it, where everything was tougher, harder and we were all better for it. This magical world of the past, full of contradictions and impossible feats always amused by and everytime I hear that phrase I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing.

Of course, people had more respect back in those days, so they say.

This story is about all those times you heard one of those phrases uttered and thought, just for a moment, what if? What if it was really like that? What if I was there now? What would it be like?

The End

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