Back in Kansas

A short work that captures the uniqeness of home.

There is no place like home. It is a place full of extraordinary and unique memories. No place else are you reminded, with fondness, of the people who mean the most to you when you walk through the door.  It is a place of strength and love, where you are surrounded by those who care for you the most and who you would do the most for. It is an assurance of an ample meal, a warm bed, and a roof over your head.  A place of refuge with its door always open to you, no other place in the world can lay claim to the hospitality or the kindness you are shown there. At home displays of affection are rampant, and laughter is contagious; great conversation is inevitable, and good times are to be expected. Whether it be an aromatic feast cooking or the musty old vinyl recliner, the smells of home let you know that you are in the right place. And whether it is the family’s secret recipe barbecue sauce or that traditionally delectable dessert served on every special occasion, the tastes of home bring together those you love.     

To the newly married couple home means stability and a new beginning- a foundation for an uncertain future; to the old couple a time capsule- full of memories. To a child home means security and a sense of identity- it is pivotal in the origins that decide who he will be later on in life. To the college student home is an escape from the stresses of life- filtering out the strains from life’s challenges. To the hurt and dejected home is a haven for healing and renewal. To the well-off home is a reminder of where they came from.

And no matter how hard one tries, one neither can easily forget nor is one able to replace that abode which they refer to as home- it is matchless. Indeed, home is a one of a kind place unlike any other; surely, no other place is like home.


The End

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