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"Want to explain to us what happened?" My brother ask, making me look at him in the eyes. "Are you going to tell the cops?" I ask, nervously. "Not unless you tell me that you or someone you know murdered the guys."

I sigh and sits down while he takes some paper to clean the mess I made. "Alright, I was hanging out by the water with Jen and Seth last night, we weren't doing anything bad when these guys came in and pulled knives on us. They looked out of their mind, with dilated pupils and all. I kicked one of them in the groin but he didn't flinch. Seth knocked them out and we got the hell out. I... I don't think we killed anybody."

As I mention Seth, I look at Grey, to see how he'll react, but he doesn't, he just nods. Probably thinking I was waiting for an answer. "Is that all?"

"Yes..." I timidly respond, Grey putting a hand on my shoulder in support. My brother then sigh and says he's not going to say anything until he knows more before walking down stair to take a nap.

"Hey Lou..." Grey says to catch my attention. "I wanted to apologize about the other day. Please listen to me. I swear on all that's holy that I wasn't jealous, my powers are screwing up, I can't read anything right and the link I have with you is weak."

"I could hardly feel you from my room." He admits. 

I nod and continue. "I was genuinely worried about Seth, but I was still wrong to judge him just on that. Again I'm really sorry..."

He looks at me, his eyes betraying a mix of emotions in his mind. He stays silent for a moment and I stare down at my shoes, preparing to get kicked out. Instead, he wraps his arms around me. "Of course, I forgive you, you know I can't stay mad at you." He softly whispers in my ear.

A smile form on my lips, half relieved, half sad. I feel like I just keep fucking things up and I'm always the one who need to be pardoned, something desperately need to change. He gave me a big wet kiss on the nose and I laugh out loud, probably waking the girls upstairs by how loud it is.

"There, I like you more when you're not too grim." He says, smiling.

"My name's Grey, I guess it's part of my Karma to be always in the gray." I answer, hugging him and returning the kiss, with an exaggerated smooch sound. 

He chuckles lightly and pours himself another cup of coffee. "You know, you didn't need to come here so early."

"I know, but it was good timing, Martin told me about last night's zombies."

"Wait a minute... Zombies?" He says, blinking rapidly.

"Those guys you saw last night, they had been dead for hours." I confirm, before reading the part of the journal article about the forensics out loud. "Sure, it's only the preliminary report, but we can't exactly exclude weirdness..."

"Yeah... You're right. Although I don't know what I can say to Jen and Seth, they must be kind of freaking out about last night. Or they will when they wake up."

The End

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