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After a very short night of sleep, I'm standing on Lou's front porch, hesitant to knock. It's rather early, so I'm pretty sure he's asleep right now. I can't feel his presence beyond a vague impression that he's still in bed.

I could actually just go in, since I do have a house key, but after that fight the other night, it doesn't feel right... So I kind of just stand there, looking like an idiot for several minutes, trying to clear my head on what I'm going to tell Lou.

Behind me, a car door slams shut, I somehow managed not to hear it when it parked. "Do you want to come in Grey? Everybody must still be asleep." Martin comments as he gets closer and open the door to his house.

"Yeah, uh thanks... I couldn't get myself to knock." I admit.

"You got a fight with Lou two nights ago, right? He told me about it. You got jealous about another guy." He remark without any kind of mockery in his tone.

"It's complicated..." I declare, sitting down at the empty kitchen table as he starts the coffee machine. "There's some kind of problem with my psychic hoodoo, it caused a misunderstanding between us."After a brief pause, I ask him; "Why were you out so early? It's barely five..."

He looks at me with a very serious look before answering, handing me a newspaper at the same time. "I got called in early, something happened by the riverside." As he speaks, I check the article


Before I can ask for details, he explains; "We found them dead, most of them had some form of trauma from a fight, but my friend in forensics told me they show signs of having died from drug OD about three hours before getting there and getting into that fight..."

"Stop. Are you telling me they were zombies?"

"Oh what, after what we seen this year, it's not like it's really impossible."

"Touché." I declare with a half-smile. He's got a point, but it's not the kind of things you want to be right about.

Behind us, someone walks down the stair and comes closer, I turn around and see that Lou's standing behind me, looking fresh out of bed, his eyes baggy and his movement still sluggish.

"Hi Lou... I needed to talk to you."

"I figured" He mumble, almost inaudibly, his tone making it clear he was expecting an apology. 

He gets closer to us, taking a mug of coffee his brother hands him and he takes a gander the the newspaper page that lays flatly open on the table. His eyes run along the title line for a moment and his hand's grasp fail him, making the cup fall down onto the floor, spilling the burning liquid around but without breaking the mug.

"Is everything alright, Lou?" His brother ask.

"No, everything is so not alright." He flatly states, wide eyed, as he clutch the paper in his hands.

The End

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