The daylight died quickly as Seth continued talking about the world and philosophy while Jen shamelessly flirted with him, even though she already has a girlfriend, I know they have a kind of agreement, but it still make me feel uncomfortable thinking about it...

While I just stared blankly at the fire pit, I saw Seth shivers in the corner of my eyes, a second later, I heard movements in the thicket, people were coming over.

"Shit, is it the cops?" Jen ask as she hides the bottle of Jack Daniels in her bag. 

"I don't think so..." Seth answers, getting up from the log he was sitting on.

After a moment, a handful of guys step into the place, they look a few years older than us, all wearing red bandannas. Looking at them, I mutter a swear under my breath, gangsters wannabe aren't exactly a key to a nice evening.

I look at Seth for a second, noticing his worried look and then back at the thugs, who look rather pale, their eyes glassy and unfocused, staring us down. 

"Great... They're on drugs." I comment in a whisper to myself.

"Lou, Jen, Stay behind me." Seth announces, dead serious. I'm about to reply when one of them takes out a switch blade, trying to stab him.

Everything slows down, making a fraction of a second seems like an eternity as some drug addled thug stabs one of my friend. Jen and I both gasp, baffled by the insanity. Time doesn't stay suspended forever and Seth grabs the guy's arm, bending it until it clearly breaks.

Although I've gotten into fights a few times, things never really degenerated this much. Te three remaining guy also pulled weapons, and two of them went for Jen and I. By their look, it was clear they were out of their goddamn mind; they look like zombies with their pallor, blank expressions and their mechanical movements. 

The one that comes for me, a Latino guy, looking a bit younger than the other, close the distance, a butterfly knife in hands. My heart pumps, on the verge of panic, I have fought ghosts and specters, but a dude with an actual weapon is a first for me.

Following my instinct, I ram my foot right down his privates, in a completely non-gentlemanly way, but he doesn't even react, just swinging the blade at me, leaving a long but shallow cut on my torso. 

"Holy fuck." I bark out after a pained grunt. The guy moves closer, ready to strike again when Seth grabs him from behind and slams his head down onto the stone shelf of the landscape, making a rather sinister crack sound.

"Did-- Did you just cave that dude's skull in?" I ask, wide eyed.

"Dude, we have to leave. Now!" He says grabbing my arm and forcibly dragging me along. His other hand holding Jen's. Who looked panicked. I take a look around, noticing all four guys unconscious on the ground. Or at least I hope they're just unconscious... They might be drugged gangsters but nobody should die like that...

The End

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