A lesson on PsychicsMature


When the lesson wrapped up, it was time for me to do what made me come come here in the first place.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask just as Nova hands Mia and I water bottles.

"You just did." She note, her voice ripe with snark. "But go ahead, what's on your mind?"

"Do you know anything about people like me, psychics? It's been bugging me for a while now... I don't really know anything."

After a few steps away, she sits down in lotus on a nearby leather couch, her eerie blue eyes stare right into mine, giving me the feeling that she can see right into my soul... She stays silent for a moment before finally speaking up.

"You aren't the first psychic I've met..." She begins, hesitantly.


"They weren't my friends, in fact, they worked for the enemy. Which is why we were cautious about you, and also why I asked Mia to invite you over tonight."

"You asked her to ask me to come? Why?" As I say it, I can,t help but look at Mia who merely stare at her own feet.

"We've been watching you." She admits. "What do you know about the new world order?"

"The Illuminati? Not much, beyond the fact people on the internet obsess about them."When I finish speaking, she let out a crystalline laughter, making me wonder if I just said something stupid. 

"The Illuminati we actually against the NWO's control ideology, but you probably know the gist of it; a secret society of powerful men from all around the world that conspire in order to control the world. Well, that's more or less true. Although they care less about religion and petty politics as they do about the supernatural. They are why people out there don't know jack. 

They altered history and even memories until everything became myths,  and legends. Their main goal is the eradication of those elements from the universe. The main battle ground is that of information; belief you see has a lot of power, it gives life to many things and it is the source of all magic. That's what magicians do; we control the world with our will and force our beliefs upon them.

Psychics are different, they're a innate condition, they work from within the preexisting paradigm of the modern world. I'm talking real psychics here, not tarot card readers, but those who can control forces with their mind. All these guys have almost always worked for the NWO. I guess it's a remnant of the CIA's and KGB's projects in during the cold war. They're a fairly recent phenomenon."

"Do you have any idea what can mess with their abilities?" I ask, after taking a moment to absorb that brick of information she just tossed me.

"The only thing I know is magic or other beings with psychic abilities. Has that happened to you?"

I nod at her, looking down at my hands, since this morning, my senses had gone numb. "I can't feel jack anymore." When I say that, Mia's brow went into a frown, she wasn't aware of it. She wasn't the cause then. 

The End

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