"Gott ist tot"Mature


Jen, Seth and I ended up piling into Seth's car. I don't even know if he has a license, but tonight, I couldn't care less, surprisingly, he drive like a gentleman, tranquilly going the speed limit, doing his stop and basically everything a teen with a car hates doing. 

"Where are we going?" Jen ask as we speed down the 132.

"A secret place I want to show you by the shore." He claims with a grin, without revealing anymore. 

He drive us through what was an old camping ground before it was closed down years ago and finally park the car next to thick bushes.

"This is the place?" I ask, uncertain and unimpressed.

"No, it's not too far, but we've got to go on foot." He declare going inside the thicket with us following behind. After going through the overgrowth,we step in a very different landscape;

stone stairs led down to the shore where a tiny cove was, a barrage made of small stones separating it from the rest of the St.Lawrence river. In the distance, the city shines under the dying sunlight and taking us breathless, as we see the island of Montreal in front of us, it's most famous landmarks easily distinguishable.

"Woah..." Jen and I exclaim almost simultaneously.

"I told'ya it was something special." Seth gloats with a victorious grin as the pick branches up, setting them within an already existing fire pit.

"How did you find this spot?" I ask him, getting closer, stepping down the stairs to the water level before removing my shoes.

"I used to come here often, in places like these, when I need some solace." Seth explained. "There are places like these all over the world if you know how to look."

"It's a shame humans keep destroying it all." Jen muttered. 

"You shouldn't blame humans too much, they aren't the problem." Seth replied.

"What is then?" I sheepily asked.

"Cities." He declared seriously, embracing the horizon with his left hand. "Before cities came, humans lived in homeostasis with the earth. Then, at some time, the first city was founded and our life style changed to consuming and expanding until we can't. It's something Genghis Khan understood, that's why he crusaded against it all."

"Woah... That's... Deep..." Jen remarks after taking a moment to process the information. "Are you some kind of Guru or something?"

He sits down next to the fire and chuckle at her comment. "Not really, I just love history and mythology, but I think you can deduct that from my tattoos." He pulled up his sleeve and showed us the Egyptian tattoo.

"What does it say?"

"A person will be twice bound when his chains feel comfortable." Seth says. "Egyptology has always been significant to me, maybe because of my Name."

"Do you believe in god?" I find myself asking, not even realizing I said it before it comes out of my lips.

His eyes meet up with mine and a moment of silence passes, as we just look at the other. "I don't know, with the state of the world now, I guess it's safe to say that Nietzsche was right;

"Gott ist tot; God is Dead. What about you, you really think there's somebody that watches over all of us, yet he lets all of this happen?"

My gaze lost itself in the creaking bonfire who's sound drowned the whisper of an answer that came out of my mouth. "I don't know anymore..."

The End

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