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I looked sideways at Mia for a second or two, she let out a frustrated grunt and climbed back up from her knees and moved the hair out of her eyes. During that short intermission, I didn't notice Nova coming closer and I felt her elbow smash right into my jaw.

"Ok, seriously, Time out!" I ask, rubbing my jaw as I fall down on my ass.

In front of us, Nova goes from her fighting stance to a more relaxed one. "What is it, you're already giving up, boy?"

"I thought this was some kind of class about magic, why are you kicking our ass?" I say, my pronunciation rather off due to my numb mouth.

"It doesn't matter if you can summon the legions of hell if some asshole with a baseball bat can knock you out in five seconds flat." She says with a mocking grin.

"But why would we even want to get into a fight in the first place? If I was learning magic, getting into fist fight wouldn't exactly be on my to-do list."

"Because when you start learning about what exist in this world, there's nowhere safe anymore, you don't have any kind of immunity to the weirdness, you're game for everyone who wants a piece of you."

"And who's that exactly, demons?"

"Demons, Men-in-black, fallens, ghouls, hunters, vampires, were-beings, spirits, faes." She begin enumerating. 

"How is it we don't know jack about these, this is the age of cellphone cameras and Youtube. Should we know these things exist?"

She let out a big snicker before answering. "The amount of cover-up is mind boggling, boy. But there are also things that make it way harder just for these things to be seen. The veil is what we call the self-editing of human's memory to rationalize the supernatural, where memories change so they make sense; A troll was just a really hairy man for example."

I took a moment to let that sink in before asking a new question; "Is that why your skin is blue?"

Her expression suddenly changed from smug to rather impressed. "Why do you say that?"

"When I look at you,  you're normal, but if I look just slightly off and the corner vision blurs a bit, you change color." I explain, still not sure if what I saw is right.

She walk closer to me and eye me down with a critical glare. "Impressive." She then declare, the tone saying more than the word itself. "But yes, it's an example. Now, look at me, directly, try to see my other color, visualize it over the 'normal one'."

Not sure what she really wish to accomplish by this, I still do it, bringing to mind the azure skin color and trying to project the image on her body... After a few seconds however, the image blended in and she wasn't white-skinned anymore.

"Woah..." I bleep out in surprise. 

"Congrats, you've just broken the veil." She says, exposing teeth as white as he hair. "I can tell you Mia's positively jealous." She then whispers with a snarky grin. 

The End

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