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Since our fight yesterday, I haven't seen or talked to Grey. He even skipped school today. I tried to call, twice, but he did pick up... He must be angry at me for not believing him. Although today isn't a bad day, I just can't concentrate on anything, my mind drifts back to last night. 

"I should have trusted him." I sigh out as the bell announce the end of the day.

"Did you say something?" Seth ask from beside me.

"No nothing, I'm just mumbling to myself."

"It's about your boyfriend isn't it?"

"Yeah, I can't help but torture myself over how I reacted..."

As I grumble, he wraps an arm around my shoulder. "Look, it'll be fine, I'm sure of it. Every couple has it's fights, I'm sure it's all one big misunderstanding. Do you want me to talk to him and clean this mess up?" He then offer, his eyes almost glowing with confidence behind his crimson veil of hair.

"I guess you could. But he's not picking up his phone, so we can't exactly talk to him at the moment." I state, omitting the fact I know precisely where is he at all times.

When we walk out of the classroom, I can see Jen waiting for me by the door. She smiles weakly when she see me but then give a concerned look at Seth.

"Is there something wrong Jenny?" I ask her, seeing her grave expression.

"It's about Mia... Did she talk to you lately? She's been distant with me for a while..." She mumble, her tone the complete opposite of her usual cheerfulness.

"The only one I know she's been talking to, is Grey and well, he and I are kind of at odds for now." I answer with an equally grim tone, making her swear under her breath. "I know Grey's accompanying her to her 'lessons' tonight though."

"Lessons?" Seth asks, raising a brow at the word's emphasis.

"It's complicated..." I answer to avoid having to actually answer.

"Seems like a lot of things are around you guys..." He says, his curiosity visibly peeked. "I like that." He then announce with a grin.

"We're a complicated bunch. Especially Grey and Mia." Jen says, answering his comments.

"Why them especially?"

"My lips are sealed about that." She states firmly. Making me thankful that for once she doesn't decide to just babble away...

"Tell you what, since both of your significant others are busy, why don't we spend the evening together? I'm sure I can show you a good time."

Both Jen and I consult each other for a second before just shrugging, it's not like we have anything planned anyway and it would honestly beat sitting at home torturing ourselves...

The End

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