After school LessonMature


I felt like I needed some time before talking to Lou again, so I ended up skipping school for the first time this year. Beside, it's better to let the smoke clear before risking lighting another fire... Mia still want me to come with her to her special lessons, which is a good excuse to be away for the evening. 

After a few minutes of hanging out at her place, an old sport car just drive up to us and she gets inside, inviting me to follow.

"Where are we going, exactly?" I ask as I sit my ass down on the leather seat.

"No clue. I don't always go to the same places, it depend on what they want to show me." She answers, buckling her seat belt.


"Mostly Camilla and another girl called Nova. I also sometimes see Keith."

"Keith, the blonde giant we meet... And who subsequently shot at you?" 

"The man himself. From what I understand, it's his fault I now have to do this." She respond snickering.

"How is it his fault exactly?"

"It's... Hard to explain. When he did that trick, it broke my concept of what was possible and what wasn't. It forced me to reconsider everything it wasn't instantaneous, but my mind sort of rebuilt itself to not just consider but understand the implication of magic. 

Nova told me that it isn't about bloodline, innate ability or some kind of external force, But instead about determination and belief. I think the reason I'm good with summoning is that I'm someone who likes to be in control, but I have problem externalizing my wish when I'm not in a good position. Or at least, that's what I gathered, it can be mind-boggingly complex."

After a lenghty explanation of the kind of things she does, the car finally stops and we step out in the middle of the downtown at the entrance of a towering residential complex. Mia doesn't wait for the driver before pulling me by the hand into the building. As we pass through, the security check without the officer even casually glancing at us.

Finally, after a long elevator ride, we arrive at a penthouse located at the top of the building, which is larger than both floor of my house combine.

"I didn't exactly expect that." I stupidly note while looking at the ultra-modern decor.

"And what did you expect, boy?" Someone ask from out of sight.

Although the person walked toward us, I can't figure out precisely whether it's a woman or not. 'Her' hair has been cut in a short pixie bob cut and she is dressed neutrally, with a simple jacket thrown over a tee and black jeans. 

"Uh, I don't know, a tower or a a labyrinth. Not exactly a movie star's penthouse."

"Just because we do magic doesn't mean we live in the middle ages. Although we still have our places of initiations and our sacred grounds. They're just different now. But we're not here to discuss history, come with me, we'll get started immediately." 

The End

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