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When I finally come in the pizzeria, Seth's already waiting there, comfortably sitting in one of the both. He waves at me and I nod in answer before getting myself something to eat. After bit, I sit down in front of him, drinking from an iced tea can. 

"So, what's the big problem?" 

"Like I told you, I just had a fight with Grey." I explain rather morosely. 

"Why?" He ask, raising a brow. "He seemed like a nice guy. What did you fight about?"

"Well, You." I declare as I take my first bite.

"Me?" He asked, sounding genuinely surprised.

"He's jealous of you." I admit, rolling my eyes. "He thinks there's something wrong with you."

"Why? Is this because of the flirting? I don't mean anything by it, I'll stop if you want."

"I don't know why exactly he's like that, But I'd appreciate if you did stop, to be honest, it makes me really uncomfortable... I don't have anything against you, it's just I'm committed to Grey and I don't want anyone else." I articulate, having problems finding my words.

Seeing how uncomfortable I am, he lends over and put a hand on my shoulder before kissing my check, making a few people look at us.

"If that's what you want, I'll respect it." He affirm as he sit back normally. "How long has it been since you met Grey?"

"A year and a day. but we began dating last December, before that, we were just good friends, albeit with a crush on each others, kind of from the beginning actually."

"Why did take you four months to realize this?"

"Well, we kissed on the second day we met, it was in a cemetery. But at the time we were really kind of confused about our feelings, especially him since he was kind of strait before..."

"What about the proposal, don't you think it's kind of early to get married?" He ask, without and derision in his tone.

"Well, yeah but it's not like we're getting married soon. Not until we're eighteen at least. I think you can at sixteen with parental consent, but Grey is still 15 and there's no way in hell my Dad would approve. He's now alright with my orientation, but I don't think it goes that far yet..."

"Understandably so, and short of mind control, I doubt you could get your parents to agree."

"Yeah..." I mutters, chuckling awkwardly and staring back down to my food."

"But that's just fantasy, right? Guess it'll have to wait until you're both adults."

"What about you, you ever had someone?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"I've had plenty of encounters, but only one was actual love..." He starts to explain, looking melancholic. "I loved her, more than anything, but she chose someone else. I tried to love again, but I just couldn't get over her."

"Oh... I can see how painful it is for you to remember, sorry I asked." I sheepishly say, looking away. and taking a bit of pizza to give me an excuse to not talk for a few seconds.

"It's not your fault. It's me that forgot to remember to forget."

The End

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