The Walk HomeMature


The walk back home is frustrating, I can't help but rage about Lou's reaction. How can he not trust me after all this time? Why would I lie to him about picking up something bad with my abilities?

As I ruminate, the clouds above begin to burst, letting it pour almost instantly, and darkening the sky almost pitch black, suiting my mood rather well and quickly soaking me to the skin. It's a good thing my house isn't really far.

I kick the door open, startling my mother who gives me an inquisitive look. "Are you alright, Grey?"

"I had a fight with Lou." I say in passing, heading to my room without explaining any more. I look the door behind and change out of my clothes, and once done I just open the stereo and the sound of My chemical romance's Welcome to the black parade fills the air. 

While laying down, I got to thinking and it was clear there was a problem; There just couldn't be a misunderstanding between Lou and I... We felt the emotions of each others. He could have interpreted worry as jealousy, but not when we where so close. 

So three option existed; I was in denial about being jealous, There was a glitch in our link or My ability gave me a false reading about Seth. Or more than one of these.

...Was I jealous? I mean, I am suspicious of people approaching Lou, and very defensive of him, which got me into about two dozen fights last year... But then, I definitely felt something wrong about him; the absence of any residual energy. Could my power be screwed?

I slowly rise from my bed and look around, searching for something to test taking a minute until I finally settle on a family picture Lou had brought on the nightstand, a picture of his Mom, who had died years ago. I pick it up and taking it out of the framing.

I take a moment to clear my head before I let the picture's imprints flood my mind. A few things came to mind, but they are fragmented, blurred, the images and feelings not matching, instead just clashing.

"What the hell?" I shout in surprise, dropping the photo on the ground. in the four years since I had started seeing and feeling things, I had never experienced that. I searched around and tried on another trinket, getting similar results. 

"Great I'm jinxed..." I sigh out with exasperation. 

I had pissed Lou off pretty badly, and probably done so because of a problem with my abilities... Which I had taken for granted. Thinking about it, I had done next to nothing with them for the last three months... Since we defeated Carlos. 

Maybe I'm out of practice. Admittedly, I have no idea how or why I could do these things I just kind of did, nor do I know how they work, I just kind of guessed by trial and error. I had found some reliable info on spirits but actual psychics, rather than conmen, I was empty handed...

I let out a snarl of frustration and just declared to ceiling; "Fuck my life."

The End

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